Wade: explains the differences between a solo committee and a sub committee:

We become SALTYPAAs bid committee and SALTYPAA will still do their things and we will do the bid for Ucypaa and wacypaa and then we will get experience, networking and stuff.

We can use financial reports for solvency, and see how a conference works on a small scale and see how it would be on a larger scale. Ucypaa April may or June, wacypaa November December January.

In July wacypaa has the mid year summit, we all would go and (Boise) and bring our energy and say hey we are here. Outreach and bring a lot of people to it in July.

Group conscious proposition: we would want to become a sub committee of SALTYPAA?

all in favor, second, pass

Group conscious proposition:Do we want to form bid committee and go to the SALTYPAA meeting and say hey we want to be your bid committee. We want to form our committee and go to SALTYPAA after elections. Other areas would be outreach legs.

all in favor, second, pass

Passed. This is a bid committee tentatively for SALTYPAA. We are going to go to them and saying this is what we would like to do.

Group conscious: Elections are on 6 at 7pm meet SALTYPAA on the 21

Proposition: in-each position: reaches out in local area, programs chair: designs what the program looks like

all in favor, second, pass

Wade: Our group organizes the theme when we are more organized.

Group conscious: Every position will have a cochair

Mark: Sheraton is usually always the best and usually give, we have a good relationship with the salt palace and we can continue to capitalize that.

Group Conscious: First focus is UCYPAA

Motion to end, second, pass

Meeting ends at 8:20

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