Committee Meeting Minutes 6/23/19

Committee Meeting Minutes

Present: Mark N, Brian C, Crystal P, Owen G, Gibson G, Taylor H, Jake S, Maxwell, Jonathan H, Alex K, Forrest P, Josh M,


Camping is $9/person/night, not $9 person. $3345 is total cost for the conference accounting for the camping price difference, excluding merch. The committee discusses ways to recoup the unanticipated cost. Merch, including SWAC gear, UCYPAA 2019 swag, scholarship donations, additional meal tickets for sale, beverages, etc. 


Balance: $~4000 (savings and Paypal), emergency fund of $500, and scholarship fund of $100. 

Registration at the event will be $25 (unless people can’t afford it). 


Payment isn’t required until after the march has been received. Estimate was $610 (prior to shipping). Owen has calculated our out-of-pocket per merch item as 3.71 for mugs, 7.12 for shirts. He reports that the merch looks good and he’s satisfied with the way it looks. 

Maxwell suggests raising the price point for the merch; the group discuses the most effective way to bring in the most revenue. 

“The real prize is the friendships we make along the way” -Taylor H


Burgers are 26.5 for 60 patties. Hot dogs (cheaper at costco) were 12x 1/4lb for $11. $80 for 80 1/4 lb hot dogs. Cheese: 160 slices for $11. 

There is conversation surrounding the logistics of collecting payment via square; how many square readers, who handles the money, etc etc. The group conscience is that we procure a cash box and set up a “terminal” for all payment (registration, merch, food, beverage).

Committee Meeting pre-conference (Friday 28th) at 6PM

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