1/12 Minutes

First off, salty did not get the bid.
Missoula Montana did
Nikki: Biggest feedback on our bid was that we had great organization but our enthusiasm was a drawback
Jonathan: the dryness of our bid was intentional but everyone was very supportive of Missoula.
Brian: we got great feedback on our needs statement. Were told that we needed to self generate enthusiasm.
Jonathan: we shouldn’t be trying to compete or outdo CA. But find our own niche.
Nikki: our big goal is to get a big move into large draw events. Even co-hosting with CA
Jonathan: one of our biggest benefits is that we have a good relationship with the old fellowship.
Brian: I don’t remember that we were told to co-host with CA.
Jonathan: The subject was that we find a way to redirect ourselves so we can find some of of their steam.
Sober softball is an option we can go through but it can violate traditions.
Lisa: we don’t necessarily have to be a team. We can also participate individually and speak about the group.
Cassidy: what I’ve noticed participating in CA is when they create events they have a ton of enthusiasm
Lisa: piggybacking off that idea, if we ourselves are excited then it will get us started.
Nikki: that’s true but this group itself just doesn’t have the enthusiasm required to attract newcomer enthusiasm.
Jonathan: just a solid event we know will create excitement.
Brian: the key is successfully events
Jonathan: with a softball really what we can do is get started on learning the application process.

Sean: we spoke about doing smaller events in the past but a mid sized is feasible.
Jake: are we still going to Boise.
Nikki: I spoke to Taylor and can clarify. It was in Sacramento and Boise was inviting us.
Gibson: so we can focus on Valentine’s and use that holiday atmosphere.
Forrest: last year we did the eat your heart out event which is successful. We could also go in with a gambling casino angle like we’ve mentioned doing.
Gibson: in the past we’ve done gaming and it’s brought in a lot of revenue. But it can be alienating.
Nikki: I just went to a sober poker night. And how they did it made things very streamlined.
Jake: I’d propose that if we do Monte Carlo we make sure a table is for fun and not for money.
Gibson: in the past we also had just fun games like cards against humanity so we could include those who don’t gamble.
Jonathan: a final point, this isn’t something we half ass. When we had our most successful casino night, we leaned in and made a ton of money.
Cassidy: we can also include things like never have I ever.
Jonathan: when we did a Valentine’s auction we had awful success with the reception.
Gibson: Considering weather it would be better to put in for warmer season like spring.
Jonathan: the eat your heart out was last year and a good success
Cassidy: issues we had last year was not enough food
Lisa: we didn’t have people understand that you’re expected to bring food.
Nikki: where and when.
Forrest: we can use the Baptist Church same as last year for their kitchen space. And Valentine’s is on Friday. We can lean into the anti Valentine’s and have Saturday the 15th.
Jake: a big issue here is poker is illegal in Utah. We’d need to overcome that

Nikki: we’re all in agreement that on the date, theme and place?
Gibson: it should be a suggested donation across the board but it should be expected to bring food.
Lisa: the categories we had were dessert, casserole and crock pot.
Nikki: 6?
Take a vote.
Majority votes 6.

Nikki: events needs to get in touch with the Church so we can get the process started

Vote to have it both bring a dish AND a donation.
Motion passes.

Nomination to have Katrina as decorations.
Vote passes all in favor.