10/17/2021 Meeting Minutes

-Chair opened meeting with serenity prayer

-Chair report:

District 10 would like our participation in a womens treatment meeting

Event planning


No change, no report


Read last meeting’s minutes

General service liaison: 

Request for general info flyers to hand out in district meetings

Third legacy:

No report


Continue to spread word about SALTYPAA


No report


Was able to access the website, sees a lot of fixable issues. Fixing links, pages, ect. Secretary will get meeting minutes to webmaster. 


Find Forrest to get hands on UCYPAA merch. 


No report. 



  • District 10 would like 1-2 women to speak. Once a week preferrable, Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday. Once a month to begin?

Discussion: Probably better to have only women. Each of us can find other women to participate. 

Tuesday, once a month seems to work best. 

Lisa will reach out with more details soon, probably over slack. 

  • Events

Looking for contact information with the club to talk about holding an event. 

November event:

  • Around Thanksgiving
  • Around 3pm?
  • Potluck, marathon meetings
  • Connect with different meetings to sign up to host meetings
  • All day vs. most of one day?
  • Club already does thanksgiving event
  • Look into fellowship hall as an alternative.

Next steps:

Talk to club/fellowship hall about current events in the works, go from there. 

Unity event next Saturday the 23rd conversation on slack. 

Motion to adjourn, motion passed.