12/5/2021 Meeting Minutes

SALTYPAA Meeting Minutes 12.5.21

Opened at 11:30 with 3rd legacy: 3rd tradition

Reminder that 3rd legacy takes place first Sunday of each month at 11:30.


Lisa- Chair

Shelly- Treasurer

Kole- 3rd legacy

Aria- unity/greeter

Matt- Outreach

Jake- events

Bradley- events




Trevin- GSL and merch.



Event went very well, would like to thank everyone for their hard work.

La Europa is still on for the 14th of December- Shelly is chairing. 


Read last meeting minutes, motion to approve passed.


$240 from Drum Circle event- profit of $140 after costs.

Checking $788.08

Prudent reserve: $606.04

$102 Petty cash

Paid club for room use. 

Venmo is getting updated, some problems with bank that are being resolved. 

Could have sold many more shirts if there were larger sizes. 


No report.

3rd legacy: 

Meeting first Sunday of every month at 11:30.


No report


Event went very well. Optimistic about future events!


Minutes are up on site. 


Maybe new shirt? Or just ordering larger sizes for existing shirts. 


New SALTYPAA shirts:

Fees can change depending on color, size, logo dimensions, ect. 

Screen printer SALTYPAA currently works with is backed up on orders, would take 6+ weeks for an order to process. 

If someone would like to make a new shirt design, this needs to be brought to the committee to approve. 

Motion to order larger sizes of existing shirts before we buy a new design. 

Discussion: If we order new sizes every time we need more, we will never sell out. 

We can sell two or more different designs at the same events; this could help sell older ones. 

Buying new shirts can spend most of our budget. 

Motion to table discussion. 

Minority opinion: It won’t make a big difference to table discussion; general budget is close to what cost will probably be so we might as well order them. 


Agreement seems to be that we have a good idea of what the numbers and timeline would be, so we may as well order. 

May be best to have a solid number before we spend it, so that we know what money we are diverting from a possible future event. 

Amendment to motion: add a price limit of $200 for 20 shirts of size XL-XXXL, if price exceeds this we hold off on shirts. 

Motion passes. 


Winter formal:

  • Formal attire encouraged but not required.
  • Dancing (DJ)
  • Raffle?

Aria: another group did a sober prom, attire can be bought from Deseret Industries.

Bradley: there’s another event the day before, we may be conflicting with it. 

Shelly: may be easier to ask venues what dates work for them. 

Mid-early January may be best. 

Prizes for raffles can be sources from outside places, provided it’s the individual AA member contributing it. 

Proposed Unity/Events meet-up for SALTYPAA to help planning efforts: December 12th?

  • 6pm, Grants house. Check slack for more information.

Motion to close, passed.