1/16/2022 Meeting Minutes


Bradley – Events

Kole – 3rd Legacy

Grant – Events

Aria – Prayer & Unity

Matt – Outreach

James – Webmaster & Flyers

Will – New guy

Grant filling in for chair:

-Opened with Lords Prayer


Read meeting minutes – passed


Payed for church, need to wear masks

Lisa doing breakfast basket

Treasurer report read by grant: 

$643.08 checking

Church cashed $200 check

$606.07 savings

Prudent reserve $600

Petty cash $102

Some cash to deposit into accounts still

Show up to decorate at 5PM at church

Took photos at church for decor plan

Bringing items to make signs

Merch from Trevin is where?

Need someone to bring shirts to event

Unable to get shirt ordering contact from Trevin


Minutes will be up to date after the meeting today

Did not make private FB page – will do this

Flyers are around

Old Business:

Winter formal stuff

Bradley and Shelly going to get decorations tomorrow

Aria got snowboard to donate from Niche snowboards – Not the mushroom one

Need new color raffle tickets for 50/50 – Bradley/Shelly to pick up

Kole and Matt to rally vitality people and others

Will to bring sober living people

Aria to find a speaker


James to bring basket of climbing goods

Matt to get foot Spa (massage coupons??????)

Matt to get drinks from Costco


-Monster (Orange and Watermelon) 


New Business:

Will running for greeting chair

-Has accepted position

Lisa to talk to Jake about event chair position

Talent show potluck discussion

-Location: Holladay Municipality 

-Date: A weekend in Feburary – 26th?

-Chili contest 

-5 minutes slots

~10 people needed to perform 

-Matt to get people to sign up (OUTREACH)

-Speaker at 6

-Food at 6:45

-Talent at 7:30

-50/50 Raffle after talent show

-Grant to MC

-James to make flyer

-$5 suggested donation

-Contact Matt to sign up: 801-556-6932

-Contact Grant for questions on event

-Chips and soda for dollar