6/26/2022 Meeting Minutes



Grant – events

James – webmaster & graphics

Kole – 3rd legacy

Courtney – member 

Aria – prayer

Matt – outreach 


Chair – Wackypaa was good. Swackypa coming up July 28th in St. George. James out of town. Grant, Lisa, Clara attending for sure. Matt and Aria and Kole a maybe. Thursday evening Lisa has a room booked. Announce SWACKYPAA in meetings please. CACHYPAA wants to do a unity event. 

Treasurer: dodgeball report is in the GroupMe thread. Profit was $112. 

Webmaster: no update 

Central office: no report 

3rd legacy: next meeting meets at 11:30 

Outreach: will start announcing SWACKYPAA

Unity: Aria needs Cash Valley contact information to start coordinating unity event. Aria to get info from Lisa. 

Event: dodgeball event went well. Surprisingly made some money, shirt sales helped. 

Shirts: Grant found a guy to make a shirt design but it didn’t pan out. 

Old Buisness:

Camp out: Christmas meadow in the Uientas. Fish Lake National Forest 2hr 45 minutes from SLC. Discussed during the previous meeting at Lisa’s house. End of August Early September – will need a flyer. Grow ventre in the Tetons is an option. 2 or 3 nights of camping probably Friday Saturday come back Sunday. Group meal Sat Night. Fish Lake campgrounds May-September – single sites 20/night, double 40/night, triple 60/night. No entry fee into forest. 3 separate campground in fish lake NF. 

Pancake event tabled until winter

New Buisness:

DJ Josh is down to do another desert rave. Out in the West Desert. “Desert Party” – need a flyer. Summer is best. Need a name. “SaLTY dirty PAA dance”. “Dirty desert PAA” “SaLTYPAA flats rave”. Just a one night event, need firewood, firepits, s’mores stuff, some snacks. Josh has all the music gear. July 16th or August 6th – leaning towards the 6th. QR code for the pin with gps location below. Possibility of having performances, sign people up. Speaker meeting at 7:30, 8:30 performers start. 9:30 music again. Kole reached out to Eminem to perform. $5 suggestions donation. Sell drinks. New shirts. 

Back to normal meeting schedule? Meet the 3rd and 17th of July. 

Grill out at Storm Mtn in BCC July 15th. Flyer needed. Donut Falls an option. 

Closed 1:14