Committee Meeting Minutes 8/26/18

Present: Taylor H, Jonathan H, Maxwell, Mark N, William S, Eric M, Brian S, Brian C, Tom G,

Meeting opens with planning conversation about a (token) bid for WACYPAA (2021). This entails creation and presentation of a preparatory packet. Conversation clarifies that SALTYPAA is separate from the bid committee that would work towards bidding/hosting UCYPAA. Conversation ends with a decision that the committee for WACYPAA bid will be held separately.

Conversation surrounding whether certain service positions are “answerable” to other service positions, so as to streamline communication between potentially overlapping or concentric service positions.

Motion to create a separate AV position [Jonathan], seconded [Brian C]; motion passes unanimously.

Motion to change Outreach postion to Outreach/Inreach/Bombsquad (separate positions) [Jonathan]; seconded [Tom]; motion passes unanimously.

Motion to merge Communications with Facebook/Website [Jonathan]; seconded [Taylor], passed unanimously.

Motion to add a Registration chair [Taylor]; seconded [Tom]; motion passes unanimously.

Service Positions

(all positions have co-chairs; positions are listed 1st and 2nd, respectively)

Chair: Mark N.

Treasurer: Forrest P.

Secretary: Brian C.

Third Legacy: [open]

Service Liaison: Tom G.

Outreach: [open]

Inreach: Lisa B.

Bombsquad: Jonathan H.

Communications: Taylor H.

Prayer: Brian S.

Unity: Maxwell L.

Events: [open]

Programs: Eric M

Facilities: [open]

A/V: [open]

Refreshments: [open]

Communications/Website/Facebook: Taylor H.

Registration: [open]

Memorabilia: [open]

Decorations: [open]

Graphics/fliers: [open]

Greetings: James H

Cleanup: [open]

Tickets/raffles: [open]

H+I: [open]

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