Committee Meeting Minutes 2/3/19

UCYPAA Committee Meeting Minutes

Present: Mark N, Brian C, James H, Jonathan H, William M, Jake S, Stefanie, Summer, Cassidy, Forrest P, Maxwell

Meeting opens with a report from Stefanie on the Events subcommittee. Janessa has ordered decorations for the event. The panel is almost entirely filled; the prospective speakers will be Julian, Doug R, and Jackie M (maybe). Stefanie asks for volunteers to assist in running the 2 of the meetings. There are 3 meeting leadership positions, 2 have been filled. Jonathan volunteers to chair a meeting about dating and hookups in recovery. Stef is still working on procuring a tarot card reader, and putting together a list of questions for Speed Fellowship. Stefanie puts out a plea for Cards Against Humanity; Forrest volunteers to bring both Cards and “What Do You Meme?” Stefanie reached out to Jason who helped with the Christmas event for help with raffle items.

Events subcommittee will meet Thursday, time TBD. 7:30 prospectively. 

Mark reports the subcommittee is discussing different ideas for activities at the event and invites the input of the committee.

Elizabeth reports on raffle items. She is looking to speak to Red Eye Coffee, hopefully by tomorrow. Janessa has a prospective donation from Mrs. Fields (where she works). Lisa B is looking to give away some massages. Elizabeth is looking for a donation from FTR. The committee discusses reaching out to Current Oyster Bar, Taylor H will reach out. Stefanie discusses cigarette discount coupons. Cassidy suggests putting speaker tapes and recovery books in the raffle. The committee discusses various ideas for literature to give away. Taylor H will reach out to Pig and a Jelly Jar. Elizabeth says she’s have answers on said raffle items for the Events Subcommittee on Thursday.

Taylor H addresses the members of the committee about “committee meeting etiquette.” Taylor shares his experience as the UCYPAA committee chair last year, the importance of setting and maintaining an agenda, and minimizing side conversations. There is protracted conversation about what this structure and format looks like. 

Outreach [Maxwell]: Maxwell reports that he’s not been very enthusiastic about outreach “until after the Valentine’s Day event. Various committee members share experience with outreach and registration for prior events. Mark reminds the committee that the job of the committee chairs isn’t to personally do all the work for whatever position, but rather to organize the volunteers for said position [IE: Maxwell’s job isn’t to personally do all the outreach to the valley, rather to coordinate the volunteers to do the outreach]. 

Mark brings up the carpool for the Dixie Winterfest (February 22-24, the weekend following our Valentine’s Day event). 

Jakes discusses attending various YP meetings; Mark redirects his attentions to the outreach chair, suggesting that we make sure that the committee is consistently outreaching to those meetings. There is discussion of ways to improve the logistics of outreach; keeping up on the Central Office meeting list website, etc.

Returning to conversation about carpooling to DWF, Taylor and Jonathan will be driving down Saturday and coming back Saturday. Mark will be heading down Friday afternoon and coming back Saturday. 

Bomb squad (Jonathan): Jonathan and Grady went to the Palace in Orem on Wednesday to announce UCYPAA. He reports that the attendees were receptive to the announcement. They left fliers with the meeting and put them up on the bulletin boards. The members of the Wednesday meeting suggested that we go down Thursdays as well [8:00PM, “Staying Alive” group], saying there’s a young peoples meeting with a different membership base. Elizabeth volunteers to announce the conference at next week’s Staying Alive. The Valley Camp (Saturday at 7PM, in ogden) meeting is discussed as an outreach opportunity as well.

Conference updates: registration is live: . $20 pre-reg. Mark has not yet booked a hotel block, reports that he will in the next couple days. 

Unity (William): Asks the group for any special dietary restrictions to consider in preparation for the unity breakfast he’ll be preparing. The group offers various feedback; we have a few vegetarians and suggestions for simple preparations are made. 

The Unity event will be held at Stefanie and Elizabeth’s house; reach out to them (or Mark/Taylor) for address/details.

Upcoming events:

-Events Subcommittee [Thursday 2/7; call Stefanie for time]

-Valentine’s Day event 2/16 at First Baptist Church

-Dixie Winterfest Bomb Squad trip: 2/22-23 [call Jonathan, Taylor, or Mark]

-Unity Breakfast/committee meeting 3/1 [call Elizabeth/Stefanie for location, call William for dietary considerations]

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