Minutes 2/17/13

Silencing and praying
Roll Call
Nick’s here reports
Jons here we can start the meeting
Brian- Prototypes for flyers
Motion to approve minutes PASSED
James contact if not getting contacted
Jons got speakers on deck
Jessica list for H and I panels let her know
Wade has ideas for monthly events on facebook
Jonathan working on structure
New people
Sarah has permission to speak at full volume- uses new found rights to give new people bylaws
Open positions
Basket Passin’- fundarshitin
Old business
Nick has facebook disclaimer gibson and him will put it up as admins- wades got it
Disclaimer will be up
Nicks printer sucks but he fixed the bylaws
Jonathan talkin connection with central office for newcomers commities
New Business
Amy unity 1 a month
For march- nicklecade mabey we could eat? salad bar? all kinds of good shit
Monty Carlo
Money- cost
$10- 20 chips and raffle tickets
More chips 10 more raffle tickets
1 ticket for every 2 chips
Possible other things to do
Rotate dealers Chicks- cocktails
It is a fancy thing
Speaker? jons got a plan
Xboxs and tvs so people who mabey have a gambling problem dont have to
Kyler’s here
Keep money separate into categories
Brittany raffle guidance
Jon- april circuit speaker will be coming to salt lake we can get them if we cover hotel and food
A cheap speaker like $69
Huge event for this speaker good speaker.. speaker
Wade passes around possible events
Monty carlo at unitarian
We dont have a place for april kaylyn will look for a big place
Motion to approve refreshments
Decorations and raffle prizes and deposit music? and flyers
Sarah seconds – PASSED
Budget for flyers?
James people goal? wade- like 40
$50 for flyers
Announce speaker and say theres an event afterwards
Blackjack- yes
Wades got a list
Saltyballs for tots
Cosmic bowling to make money
Old people like pancakes
See aaron if you want to help in vegas
When jonathan raises his hand it means silence
Aaron outreach in L.A got sibypaa
Successful event brainstorm ideas L.V, pull livypaa back from the dead
VA meeting no longer our fault
Meeting support
Native americans havent gotten back to us yet
Outreach to people and struggling meetings, old krusty bastards
List of young peoples meetings on website
Back to wades list pick events for each month
Hear a speaker for a big book
April- big book fund drive speaker meeting H and I
Jonathan thinks pancake breakfast is a good idea… it was my idea
Saterday big book speaker pancakes on 4 20
May- end of may
Prayer chair set aside prayer
Info on group campsites
Fact finding
Wade requests to look over list for next time
Nick went to business meeting- requests we dont yell things at meetings
Motion to close- PASSED

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