1/10/21 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Shelly, Ariea, Lisa, Kole, Forrest, Nicolas, Jake, Erik, Trevin, Taylor, Jon, Alex, sarah

Ariea – Last week we did fellowship at rise and grind (Jan 2nd) but feel like we could have reached out to more new comers. Concerns about masks versus no masks.

Thoughts on how that went?

Kole – some new comers. Overall general aspect, getting to bond with people in AA was good.

Ariea – more things to do as a committee? We have a new member named Nicolas

Nicolas – introduced himself

Ariea- reached out to treatment centers; a few were interested in zoom meetings. Speaker meetings? Q&A? House of hope (women’s). Brighton recovery community center (in-person); corner canyon (zoom), renaissance ranch

Forrest – for it

Ariea – will reach out to treatment centers; any women to help?

Lisa – seems open ended; is it a one-time deal? Once a month?

Ariea – since we can’t do events this seems like a good way to help the new comer.

Lisa – let’s pick one as a group and rotate who chairs, picks speakers, etc. format could be dealer’s call (ask it basket).

Jake – youth treatment facilities? More relateable; focus on younger treatment crowd.

Ariea – can look into that. Rapid covid testing? Possible option.

Jake – I take a meeting into recovery ways the 1st, 3rd Sundays of the month. But some of these guys are in their 50-60s. would be nice to get a treatment cohort that are younger.

Ariea – anyone not comfortable going in person?




Ariea – how often?

Shelly – once a month feels best

Taylor – Show up strong for a few rather than stretch ourselves too thin

Kole – once a month; don’t over comit

Jon – has a contact at SLCC for potential in person meetings

Ariea – we have 8 people who have said they’re willing to help with meetings. Once a month; 8 months for everyone in rotation. Thinks we should do more than once a month.

Kole – more than one treatment center, maybe twice a month?

Forest – should reach out to the district treatment chair

Shelly – do it in pairs instead of just a singular individual

Lisa – we should get a google doc of dates to sign up

Kole – have another fellowship event. Could possibly get more people to go next time.

Ariea – what do we want a fellowship to look like? What would we want a unity event?

Jake – when I dropped by the coffee shop last week, there were a lot of people in that enclosed space. If we do another in person, need more space, less people, or outdoors.

Shelly – nice to have the option to attend safely (out doors or remotely)

Ariea – want to focus on the meeting stuff right now and fellowship next month?

Kole – if it’s on zoom we can invite more people

Forrest – there’s a men’s meeting that has a good style

Ariea – a panel is a great idea

Forrest – you mean a format?

Ariea – yeah

Forrest – will do by next Sunday

Lisa – treasurer report

$102 – petty cash

$601.65 – prudent reserve

$813.80 – checking

$1,517.45 – total monies

We have checks now ; going to pay the alano club rent for letting us meet there.

Putting venmo in chat if you want to donate to SALTYPAA

Ariea – alano does not care how much

Lisa – $10/month for alano club

Kole – $15 is more normal

Lisa – let me know if you have an opinion but we’ll talk about it again next month

Alex is willing to help via zoom for treatment meetings

Erik is good for either in person or zoom

Ariea – can we also post venmo in slack? Nicolas do you want a position? Get into the group chat?

Nicolas – yeah and sarah

Forrest – motion to close

Jake second

Next meeting – second Sunday of the month at 6pm zoom or in person for traditions and then meeting.