4/11/21 Meeting Minutes

Ariea – Shirts for event. Where to buy? Would like local. Trevin’s logo?

Shelly – Capitalize L on logo

Group – yep

Ariea – sell both shirts at event. Colors? We should be mindful about quantity. Can always reprint more later. Need to get quote (Trevin). Don’t include a year on the shirt for easier resale


  • Speaker x2 (30 minutes each)
  • One with a lot of time and one newer
  • May 1st Saturday
  • First come, first serve picnic areas
  • Lisa can go up early to claim site
  • Terrance picnic area in Millcreek has our group sites
  • Should bring balloons to make it easy to find
  • There’s a vehicle fee to get out of Millcreek of $5; encourage carpooling
  • Forest will do signs and balloons
  • Include this info in the flyer
  • Lowkey food, do not buy too much
  • Fire if there are no restrictions at the time
  • Sandwiches à $100
  • Bottled water
  • Bags of chips
  • Snack packs
  • Charge $5 each
  • Suggested $6-$7 donation for event? Change to $10
  • Post in slack
  • Gibson will make flyer
  • Lisa looking into group car passes for Millcreek

Jake – post conference assembly service opportunity. May 14th-16th we’ll go help depending on what’s needed.