7/12/22 Meeting Minutes

SALTYPAA Meeting Minutes Notes 7/17/22


Shelly- Treasurer

Clara- Secretary

Calvin- Member

Ever- Member

Kole- 3rd Legacy

Lisa- Chair

James- Webmaster


Secretary- Read minutes, minutes approved.


Continue to announce SWACYPAA, if lodging or transportation is needed talk to Lisa. SALTYPAA is holding a marathon meeting during the conference.

Events chair is stepping down. Lisa will fill in as needed, but the group has been working as a team together anyway for events.


Checking $1,289.28

Savings $606.25

Cash $102

Rent is paid for June and July.

Events-  stepping down. Position is open.


Holding a picnic in august, low attendance lately so may be good to support.

Third Legacy-

Meet first Sunday of each month to discuss traditions.


Announced desert rave at GOD campout, invited treatment centers to come.


Minutes are up to date, flyer needs to be updated with correct location.


Brian from CASHEYPAA is interested in attending rave, would like to meet in Ogden for unity event in the future. Ariea will plan on August 20 for food/bbq/beach day.

Old Business-

Events- Rave

Group is sourcing firewood as donations, Kole will transport fire pits, Matt is getting signs, ariea is getting smores, Lisa is getting drinks.

Flyer- Will meet up at a meeting for updated flyers.

Motion to adjourn, motion passed.