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Article 1. Preamble 

General Warranties of the Salt Lake Territory of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous Service Group, sometimes hereinafter referred to as “SaLTYPAA Group”:

1.1. In all its proceedings, the SaLTYPAA Group shall observe the spirit of the Alcoholics Anonymous Traditions and take great care that the SaLTYPAA Committee never becomes the seat of perilous wealth or power.

1.2. That sufficient operating funds, plus ample reserve be its prudent financial principle.

1.3. That none of the SaLTYPAA Group members shall ever be placed in a position of unqualified authority over any of the other SaLTYPAA Group members.

1.4. That all important decisions be reached by discussion, vote, and whenever possible, by substantial unanimity.

1.5. That no SaLTYPAA Committee actions are personally punitive or an incitement of public controversy.

1.6. That though the SaLTYPAA Committee shall never perform any acts of government.

1.7. Like the society of A.A. which it serves, the SaLTYPAA Committee itself will always remain democratic in thought and action.


Article 2. The SaLTYPAA Service Group 

2.1 Statement of Purpose 

The SaLTYPAA Service Group is a standing service body for young (and young at heart) people in Salt Lake City and the surrounding cities of Utah. This group is sprung out of our 5th and 9th traditions having a primary spiritual aim – that of carrying the AA message to the alcoholic who still suffers regardless of age. Our hope is to unify young people in our area by practicing the principles of AA through meetings, events and outreach animated by the spirit of service and the necessity of absolutely insisting on enjoying life.

2.2 Source of Authority 

The SaLTYPAA Service Group has no authority of its own. It derives authority from the participating members. The primary and ultimate authority for the execution of the Statement of Purpose should not rest with Officers or Standing or ad hoc Committees but with the entire membership of SaLTYPAA.

Article 3. Membership 

3.1 Qualification for Membership 

Any member of Alcoholics Anonymous who attends three consecutive meetings of the SaLTYPAA Group may consider him/herself a member of SaLTYPAA. There is no disqualification for membership.

Article 4. The SaLTYPAA Committee 

4.1 Purpose and Membership 

To implement actions and responsibilities outlined in Article 1. Preamble of these By-laws. The SaLTYPAA Committee is the decision and policy making body for the SaLTYPAA Service Group. All authority rests in their hands to guide the functioning of the SaLTYPAA Service Group.

4.2 SaLTYPAA Committee Composition 

The SaLTYPAA Committee is composed of Officers, Standing and ad hoc Committee Chairs.

4.3 Meetings 

4.3.1 Regular Meetings

The SaLTYPAA Committee will hold regular meetings every Sunday. The meeting will be conducted by the Chairperson or Acting Chairperson in such manner as to be consistent with the Preamble. All SaLTYPAA Committee members shall have one vote.

4.3.2 Special Meetings

A special meeting of the SaLTYPAA Committee may be called at another time by simple majority vote of the SaLTYPAA Committee, or by a majority of the Officers upon being apprised of a matter of major importance. In this case, the Secretary will immediately issue proper notification of the special meeting to all SaLTYPAA Committee members registered with the Communications Officer. Whenever possible, proper notification of special meetings of the SaLTYPAA Committee will consist of contact by telephone, electronic communication or by written notices mailed at least two weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

Article 5. Guidelines for SaLTYPAA Committee Meetings 

5.1 Quorum and Majority Defined 

5.1.1 A quorum consists of 10 SaLTYPAA Committee members (two Officers minimum) to conduct a regular SaLTYPAA Committee meeting and to vote on business; fewer may discuss issues but not vote.

5.1.2 A simple majority vote of those SaLTYPAA Committee members present and eligible to vote shall be sufficient for a motion to pass, with the exception of a 2/3 majority for amendments to the By-laws.

5.1.3 All SaLTYPAA Committee meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, in effect at the time of the meeting, or such other special modifications or rules of order as determined by the SaLTYPAA Committee.

5.2 Motions 

5.2.1 All motions brought before the SaLTYPAA Committee must be made by SaLTYPAA Service Group members.

5.2.2 Important decisions affecting the duties of Standing or ad hoc Committees require the presence of the Chair of said committee(s) unless deemed urgent or administrative and reached by 2/3 majority.

Article 6. Officers 

6.1 General 

6.1.1 The primary and ultimate authority of the operation of the SaLTYPAA Service Group resists with the entire SaLTYPAA Committee.

6.2 Number and Make-up 

6.2.1 The SaLTYPAA Officers shall comprise 12 positions, 6 primary and 6 alternates, elected according to the procedures set out in these By-laws. The positions shall include: Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, Co-Treasurer, Secretary, Co-Secretary, Third Legacy, Co-Third Legacy, General Service Liaison, Co-General Service Liaison, Outreach, Co-Outreach.

6.2.2 In addition to any subsequently defined duties all Co- positions are expected to assume the duties of their respective primary officers in the event of an absence.

6.3 Term of Office 

6.3.1 The term of office shall be one year from the time of regularly scheduled elections. If elected mid-term the term of office shall be for the remainder of the regular term.

6.3.2 No SaLTYPAA Service Group member may hold an officer position for two consecutive terms.

6.4 Qualifications 

6.4.1 Each person standing for an Officer position shall inform the SaLTYPAA Committee that they are a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous, have completed the 12 steps and are actively engaged in an A.A. recovery program

6.4.2 The sobriety requirement for all Officer positions with the exceptions of Treasurer, Co-Treasurer and Co-Outreach is one year.

6.4.3 The sobriety requirement for Treasurer and Co-Treasurer is 3 years.

6.4.4 The sobriety requirement for Co-Outreach is 6 months.

6.5 Officer Duties – General 

6.5.1 Implement the decisions of the SaLTYPAA Committee.

6.5.2 Work with other Officers and Committees for the effective execution of duties and the SaLTYPAA Groups stated purpose.

6.6 Officer Composition and Specific Duties 

6.6.1 Chairperson Arrange for and announce the agenda of all SaLTYPAA Committee meetings. Officiate all SaLTYPAA Committee meetings using Robert’s Rules of Order as guidelines. Facilitate all business in accordance to the SaLTYPAA By-laws. Ensure, in coordination with Third Legacy that all committee position holders adhere to SaLTYPAA’s Bylaws, the 12 Concepts of World Service, and the 12 Traditions Alcoholics Anonymous. Be a signatory on all bank accounts.

6.6.2 Treasurer Keep accurate financial records of all SaLTYPAA transactions. Submit a financial statement at each SaLTYPAA Committee meeting. Have in his/her possession at each SaLTYPAA Committee: all bank statements, deposits and checkbooks in order to be prepared to make deposits and disbursements. Maintain all accounts, which are subject to inspection at any time. Be a signatory on all bank accounts. Must be employed, have a bank account, and have a permanent address. Maintain prudent reserve of $750 Collect 7th tradition at business meetings. Make quarterly donations to appropriate service structure. Work with Committee Chairs to establish regular operating budgets.

6.6.3 Co-Treasurer Carry out duties assigned by treasurer, excluding being a signatory on the bank account.

6.6.4 Secretary Act as a custodian of all SaLTYPAA materials. Keep minutes of all SaLTYPAA Committee meetings (e.g. chronological list of motions passed, etc.) and make them available to all members Furnish information from our records to anyone who requests it. Maintain a Post Office Box Maintain roll of committee members at business meetings/events.

6.6.5 Co-Secretary Attend all sub-committee and Ad-hoc meetings and take meeting minutes. Work with Officers, Standing chairs and Co-chairs on committee challenges.

6.6.6 Third Legacy Set-up literature and service information table, as directed by committee, at SaLTYPAA meeting/events. Be knowledgeable about various opportunities for service in the AA community. Possess a working knowledge of the 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts as discussed in the AA Service Manual. Responsible for knowing SaLTYPAA by-laws and that those responsibilities are distributed to proper job chairs. Give or delegate a monthly presentation on the concept and tradition corresponding to the number of the month.

6.6.7 Service Liaison Liaise between SaLTYPAA, General Service and Central Office. This is a two-year term of service, based on General Service Representative Rotation of service.

6.6.8 Outreach Establish and maintain communication with communities within and without AA. Examples include, but are not limited to: schools, recovery institutions, other 12 step fellowships, other YPAA groups, minority groups within AA. Define and coordinate liaison positions to serve as points of contact for individual communities. Must have reliable transportation and a valid Driver’s License.

6.7 Authority 

6.7.1 SaLTYPAA Officers are responsible for the effective execution of the stated purpose and these bylaws. To that end and operating as a cohesive unit they have authority to set committee priorities and resolve conflicts.

6.8 Officer Election Guidelines 

6.8.1 Officer elections are by nomination with the acceptance of the person nominated.

6.8.2 All persons nominated must meet the requirements of the position unless waived by a 2/3-majority vote.

6.9 Officer Election Procedures 

6.9.1 Candidates are nominated by themselves or others

6.9.2 Candidates qualify themselves by stating their sobriety date, addressing the requirements of the position and any other information they wish to provide.

6.9.3 The SaLTYPAA membership may then ask questions of the candidates.

6.9.4 Candidates then leave the room while the membership discusses.

6.9.5 A 2/3-majority vote is required for all positions. If a 2/3-majority is not reached in the first round of voting all but the top 2 candidates drop from the running. In the event that a 2/3-majority cannot be reached after the second round a blind-ballot is taken to determine the outcome.

6.10 Removal from Office 

6.10.1 Removal from office may be automatic in accordance with attendance requirements or by a 2/3-majority vote of all active SaLTYPAA members.

6.11 Vacancies 

6.11.1 In the event of a primary officer vacancy their corresponding Co-officer will assume all duties outlined.

6.11.2 In the event of a total vacancy of office the SaLTYPAA Committee Co-Chair will assume or delegate all duties outlined.

Article 7. Standing and ad hoc Committees 

7.1 Standing Committee Duties – General 

7.1.1 Each Standing Committee Chair shall have a corresponding alternate chair to supplement the regular duties of the chair and fulfill the position in his/her absence.

7.1.2 Committee chairs may submit an operating budget to the treasurer and SaLTYPAA Group membership for approval. Once approved they may operate within its limits without further approval of the SaLTYPAA Group. Committee chairs and members must provide detailed expense reports for reimbursement. In the event a committee requires funds greater than an established budget the chair will present a proposal to the SaLTYPAA Committee for approval.

7.1.3 Committee chairs may implement their duties in whatever way deemed appropriate and delegate responsibility to their respective committee members.

7.2 Standing Committee Composition and Specific Duties 

7.2.1 Communications Maintain a list of all SaLTYPAA members including contact information. Notify members before each meeting and event to give reminders of commitments and duties. Monitor e-mail and other communications channels and respond promptly when appropriate. Serve the Officers or other Committee chairs and members for all internal communications

7.2.2 Prayer Chair Open and close all SaLTYPAA meetings with a prayer Reminds the membership of the spiritual element of our service work May stop meetings in the event of conflict or distraction to pray or read spiritual material

7.2.3 Unity Organize events for Officers and Committee Chairs and Members to promote unity

7.2.4 Events Plan and present ideas for SaLTYPAA events, including 4 big annual events, 2 of which shall function as fundraisers. Organize smaller events as desired to build the local YPAA community

7.2.5 Programs Organize meeting structures at all SaLTYPAA events. Arrange for speakers, including food and lodging, when requested by other Committees. Maintain release forms for all speaker recordings and ensure that usage does not exceed that authorized to SaLTYPAA.

7.2.6 Facilities Select and solicit bids from facilities for events. Enter into agreements with facilities on behalf of the SaLTYPAA Group. Maintain relationships with facility management.

7.2.7 Newsletter Prepare and distribute a periodic newsletter to SaLTYPAA members and other interested parties. Included in the newsletter shall be: calendar of upcoming events, minimum of 1 personal story and 1 new article, list of young people meetings in Utah, contact information for SaLTYPAA and other YPAA committees in Utah, entertainment/game section. Distribution of the newsletter shall be in both hard copy and digital form.

7.2.8 Webmaster Maintain the official SaLTYPAA Group website with news, information, event calendar and registration. Make available all content requested by Officers and other Committees.

7.2.9 Archives Maintain an archive of all SaLTYPAA Group materials including bid packets, multimedia, flyers, newsletters and posters. Keep historical records of finances, contracts, attendance and other materials submitted by Officers and Committees. Maintain an archive display for events highlighting the history of SaLTYPAA and YPAA in general.

7.2.10 Memorabilia Create unique and exciting recovery-based items for sale at events or the website

7.2.11 Decorations Provide decorations for events Responsible for setup and cleanup of all decorations as well as storage and maintenance of all reusable decorations (signs, banners, etc.)

7.2.12 Refreshments Provide and sell refreshments at all SaLTYPAA events. May contract outside vendors if financially prudent and called for by the size or nature of an event Responsible for storage of inventory and the maintenance of an inventory list. Responsible for setup and cleanup of all refreshments and equipment.

7.2.13 Graphics and Flyers Design and produce, digitally and in print, all event flyers and signage. At the request of the Memorabilia Committee may also provide graphics for reproduction. All creative works must be original or derived from the public domain. Where appropriate all creative work copyrights must be released to the SaLTYPAA Group unless other arrangements are made in writing.

7.2.14 Greetings Responsible for greeting AA members at all committee meetings and events. Maintain and distribute a welcome packet for new SaLTYPAA members.

7.2.15 Clean-up Responsible for the cleanup of all events and meetings, making sure to leave facilities in as good or better condition.

7.2.16 Usher Responsible for the flow of traffic at all events including signage and volunteers.

7.2.17 Tickets and Raffles Maintain an inventory and solicit donations for opportunity drawings at SaLTYPAA events. Set prices and organize the sale of raffle tickets.

7.2.18 Hospitality Maintain a list of local hotels and attractions with contact information. Assist visiting committees and other YPAA parties in arranging for accommodations. Work with the Facilities Committee, providing referrals and points of contact. Responsible for the setup and operation of a hospitality room at major events.

7.3 Liaison ad hoc Committees – General 

7.3.1 The Outreach Officer(s) may direct the creation and operation of specialized ad hoc liaisons for the purpose of establishing and maintaining relationships with specific groups.

7.4 Suggested Liaison ad hoc Committees Composition 

7.4.1 Hospitals and Institutions

7.4.2 Spanish Speaking

7.4.3 Native American

7.4.4 Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender

7.4.5 Veterans

7.4.6 Deaf and hard of hearing

7.4.7 Minority groups under the ADA

7.5 Authority 

7.5.1 Each position has autonomy to execute the duties prescribed. Authority to do so is derived form Concepts 6 and 10. Per Concept 10 the SaLTYPAA membership reserves the right to offer direction, which requires a super majority.

7.6 Standing and ad hoc Committee Election Procedures 

7.6.1 Candidates for chair positions are nominated by themselves or others

7.6.2 Candidates qualify themselves by stating their sobriety date, addressing the requirements of the position and any other information they wish to provide.

7.6.3 The SaLTYPAA membership may then ask questions of the candidates.

7.6.4 Candidates then leave the room while the membership discusses.

7.6.5 A 2/3-majority vote is required for all positions. If a 2/3-majority is not reached in the first round of voting all but the top 2 candidates drop from the running. In the event that a 2/3-majority cannot be reached after the second round a blind-ballot is taken to determine the outcome.

7.6.6 Ad-hoc and regular committee members do not require election

7.7 Removal from Office 

7.7.1 Removal from office may be automatic in accordance with attendance requirements or by a 2/3-majority vote of all active SaLTYPAA members.

7.8 Vacancies 

7.8.1 In the event of a primary chair vacancy their corresponding Co-chair will assume all duties outlined.

7.8.2 In the event of a total vacancy of a committee the SaLTYPAA Committee Co-Chair will assume or delegate all duties outlined.

Article 8. SaLTYPAA Service Group Financial Guidelines 

8.1 Support of The SaLTYPAA Service Group 

8.1.1 Personal contributions up to $3,000 or the amount currently approved by G.S.O. will be accepted.

8.1.2 The solicitation or acceptance of contributions from any source outside of A.A. membership is expressly prohibited.

8.1.3 Neither the SaLTYPAA Service Group nor the SaLTYPAA Committee shall accept the responsibility of trusteeship for, or enter into the distribution or allocation of any fund or funds set up outside of the SaLTYPAA Service Group.

8.2 Prudent Reserve Guidelines 

8.2.1 Clarification required on the amount

8.2.2 The Prudent Reserve shall be maintained for the express purpose of meeting regular and necessary monthly expenses required for the basic operation of the SaLTYPAA Committee in the event of an unexpected shortfall in income.

8.2.3 In such an eventuality, and for the purpose previously described, funds may be withdrawn only by a majority vote of the SaLTYPAA Service Group Officers who shall report such withdrawal to the SaLTYPAA Committee at the next available meeting.

8.2.4 All additional funds above the Prudent Reserve amount recommended by these Guidelines shall be designated as “operating funds” and shall be kept in a separate account.

8.3 Bank Accounts 

8.3.1 The SaLTYPAA Service Group shall maintain a checking account requiring two signatures to cash checks or withdraw funds designated as “operating funds” which shall not be part of the Prudent Reserve.

8.3.2 The SaLTYPAA Service Group may maintain such other accounts as it from time to time may determine for its operation all of which require two signatures to withdraw or transfer funds.

8.3.3 The authorized signers on all accounts maintained by the SaLTYPAA Service Group shall be the Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and their respective alternates.

8.4 Authority to Borrow, Encumber Assets 

8.4.1 No SaLTYPAA Service Group member, officer or agent shall have any power or authority to borrow money on its behalf, to pledge its credit, or to mortgage or pledge its real or personal property except within the scope and to the extent of the authority represented by motions adopted from time to time by the SaLTYPAA Committee.

Article 9. Indemnification 

9.1.1 To the fullest extent permitted by law the SaLTYPAA Service Group shall indemnify each person made or threatened to be made a party to any threatened, pending or completed civil, criminal, administrative, arbitration, or investigative, or other legal process, by reason of his or her former or present capacity as an officer of the SaLTYPAA Service Group or member of a Standing or ad hoc Committee of same.

9.1.2 The SaLTYPAA Service Group may, from time to time, purchase and maintain insurance on behalf of any person who is or was an officer of the SaLTYPAA Service Group or member of a Standing or ad hoc Committee of same.

Article 10. Amendment to By-laws 

10.1 Procedure for Amending the By-laws 

10.1.1 Any SaLTYPAA Service Group member may propose an amendment to the by-laws.

10.1.2 Approval of By-laws amendments requires a 2/3-majority of the members present.