January 2015 Minutes

01/04/2014 Meeting opens at 6:07pm

Attendance: James, Christy, Gibson, Nick, Shayna, Cierra, September, Brian, Jonathan, Robert

Welcome Newcomers: Cierra, Blue, 8/21/2014

Robert (Facilities): We will need to look into a different space for events. James let us know that we should be able to use FTR with proper notice, courtesy, rent, etc.
September (Events): Valentines Day Event discussion
James (Unity): Maybe do a unity event in January, will let us know.

Fund-are-shit: $6

Old Business
Jonathan has asked for SWACYPAA t-shirt selfies
Our 3rd Legacy Chair has resigned, we are in need of a new one. Would just need someone to update bylaws.
We have more business cards available with the phone number to our google voice account.
Central Office is doing their committee chair position elections on Jan 13, 2015 @ 6:00pm.

Meeting closes at 6:32pm

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