February 2015 Minutes

02/08/2015 Meeting opens at 6:05pm

Attendance: James, Jonathan, Christy, Kim, Lindsay, Nick, Shayna, Brian, Jonathan, Sarah, Taylor, Ben, Gibson

Welcome Newcomers: Kim, 12/7/2014, Forest Green; Taylor, 5/1/2014, Red

Jonathan (General Service Liason): peeps are pissed about the pink can, District 2 (2100 s (north) to Wendover) has many positions opens, central office missing key positions (volunteer coordinator, February Lifeline, and some others).

Jonathan (SWACYPAA): Advisory call next week to review committee budgets. Doing well with pre-registration and we should register. They have at least 100 currently.

  • AA World is coming up in July 2015, pre-register now.
  • PRASAA (conference about general service) is coming to Layton, Utah in March 2015 and they need 200+ volunteers.

Jonathan (Treasurer): We gotta sell the refreshments we have while they’re still good. $514.11 in the bank account and $70-$80ish petty cash. We still owe $1,196.72 to Jonathan for SWACYPAA. We will still be donating to church we had Thanksgiving event at.

Lindsey (Events) – September is in a play: Valentines Day Event Discussion

  • Needing a lot of help for the event. Committee should come at 8pm to set up the event.
  • Auctioning 5 girls and 5 guys (AJ will be our auctioneer): September and Ben are chaperoning. The event will be rock climbing. Discussed the date to be February 28th.
    • We need people to auction. We will be posting on Facebook to see who may be interested, we will be narrowing it down by Friday.
  • We will have games in the other room: everyone is welcome to bring and contribute their own games
  • We need a playlist, Gibson will be making one
  • We need a cash box
  • We will be having Little Ceasar’s pizza – Jonathan will run to get pizza
  • Proposed budget of $60 – approved
  • Dave and A.J. are handling details for poker
  • Robert is handling details for tables and chairs
  • Jonathan will be doing refreshments
  • We will be rotating to collect money at door
  • $10 admission fee includes food and poker chips

James (Unity): “Didnt do anything for unity, we are not unified. Maybe March.”

Fund-are-shit: $13.80

No Old or New Business

Meeting closes at 7:01pm

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