Open 7:36

Old Business: Trying to find a location

options: FTR, Lauryns friends warehouse, church, memorial gardens

Jonathan: motion for if they say yes just go with ftr

Taylor: FTR is easy, cheap

Kelby is going to get ahold of ian and get ahold of pastor

New Business:


Proposed budget: Current funds stand at 1150.

250-300 dollar proposed budget by taylor

23-30 for decorations, 30 food, 100 location,

Budget approved by group consensus

New motion for mo money

Budget changed for 350

Location will be given final confirmation by next tuesday

WACYPAA- subcommittee will be created for our bid

Will network in UCYPAA to get connections

Elections for salt lake bid will be February 6th at red eye coffee

WACYPAA will come to SALTY on the 21st

If we bid for UCY we will transform to a different group but serve same functions

Possible raffle is dinner for two, or even multiple meal options

Open recruitment for donations to raffle baskets



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