January 31st meeting notes

How to handle clean up- there will be a crew but anyone able to can help to clean up

Music system here and easy to use

Decorations- meet for setup at 7

How do we handle a speaker meeting?

Have it right at 8

Do we do 30, 45, or a full hour?

Through group conscience we will go with 100 as rent for venue

Make sure we put everything back the way it was at clean up

How do we handle blocking off hallways?

Best strategy is to keep places clearly marked

50 50 raffle and Groupon date raffles will be offered. 150 dollar budget allocated

Speakers debate on how to handle reimbursement for gas. Possibly 30 as a budget

Outreach- we need to get flyers out, involve candle light, Forrest will get in touch with Balance house. Others are ascend, Wasatch, I’m not listing all of these. If you know a program employee, get in contact and let them know.




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