1)Serenity prayer
2)Roll call, who is absent:
4)Read minutes from last meeting (available on www.saltypaa.org)
5)Vote to accept minutes

6)Chair reports

ChaiR WADE: we have a copy of the basic bid format for swac and the bylaws for saltypaa. We are going to focus on ucy bid. What the conference will look like and the bid packet for wacy.
Co-chair / treasure RICH:
Secretary MAGGIE:
Facilities and hotels CHRIS/JOHN R: Liz has a copy of hotel contracts from wacy to see what it looks like. and she is going to send it to us, we will triple the numbers for room block use as a template.

Gsl JOHN L: I went to the central office meeting and they are super supportive and will do whatever they need to help, they will put us in lifeline. I spoke to Doug. Wade can you send me a template?
Wade: yes and coordinate with area for the timeframe of the event for wacypaa

Arts and graphics KIANA/KENNY
Programs chair CIERA/ASHLEY:
Inreach chair MARK/JAKE: some newer people feel like not a lot of people reach out in meetings to newcomers, so if we could take it upon ourselves to reach out. People I have spoke with sound excited. Also we are doing a 3 hour block for succypaa
Lgbtq chair BRYCE:

H&I CHLOE: I’m meeting with someone with a treatment center tomorrow and I emailed another treatment center (vista) for a letter for support.
Sarah: Pheonix, recovery ways, acend, deer hollow they are all on that list
Wade: have them wrote two letters.


7)Old buisness:
Everyone: get speaker tapes and give them to Cierra. Thursday night speaker meeting, Friday county countdown, Saturday night sobriety countdown, Sunday night there is a spiritual speaker.

Kriss is posting boiled as an peel drawings

Kriss will get ahold of Brennan to research different campsites and one close to his house

Events Brennan, come up with events for Ucypaa conference (boat rentals, relay races)
Inreach needs to get ahold of succypaa and Ucypaa host and get together ideas for hospitality room and marathon meetings.

8)New buisness
Taylor: we want to do a Monte Carlo night. We want to reach out to y’all to get feedback help, donations stuff, this could make a lot of money. We are planning it later than cinco de mayo. Rachel mentioned a church called st james episcopal church. She has been exchanging emails. The lady sounds pretty open to have it whenever.

Kriss: Monte Carlo used to be the biggest night. 2-6 grand. St James is big.

Mark: they are doing a classic skating thing in a few weeks, we should go to that.

Kelby: we will have more info on that

Maggie: make it like a cocktail party.

Kriss: refreshments made almost as much money as the event itself

Wade. For every amount of chips you get a raffle ticket, that’s what sarah said. I can get football player cards and signed cards from rob.

Taylor: I came for the idea and date.
Kriss: if your refreshments chair needs connections for energy drinks or coffee let me know.

Wade: we need to set up times together “sub committee” to put together program. I’ll need the letters to start the bid packet. You and events and Brennan and other kid, put that together. Then we will move into wacypaa bid.
rehabs, youth death rate,
Outline for wacy bid packet
Monte Carlo

9)Seventh tradition 12 and 6 to red eye
11)Close with prayer

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