UCPYAA Committee Minutes 12/17/17

SALTYPAA Committee Minutes 12/17/17

Events (September/Tom): Loosely based freetime show??

4 corners SWACYPAA Event in April for us to participate in April 27-28

Valentines to be event is main planning event, weekend of the 9th-11th of February

Programs (Kelby): N/A

Facilities (Johnathon): Proposed that we tour the campsite, weather conditions permitting.

Beverages (Spencer): Nothing to report

Decorations (Pall): N/A

Memorabilia (Grady): [not present]

Treasury (Forrest): Nothing new to report; roughly $1500 in treasury. Orem YPAA donated $200 dollars. Venmo/paypal account set up successfully.

Outreach (Jameson/Nico): [not present]

Bomb Squad (Christian): Bomb Squad hitting the Provo Young at Heart 8pm this week, planning a subcommittee meeting TBD to plan out other meetings to hit.

Communications (Mark): Setting up gateway for registration.

Food Committee (Brian): Committee was formed; Brian C. stood for chair. Anders S. stood to be on sub-committee.

Taylor: Motion to accept pre-reg $25 with 2 meals. Brian 2nded, motion passed, no objections.

Service Committee (Brian): Brian has been getting positions filled

Graphics (Gibson): Taylor double checking with Gibson before we send it out

Greetings (Johnny): [Johnny not present]

Tickets (Pat O, Anders): [Pat]: “nothing new to report.”.

H+I (Albie): Nothing to Report

Next meeting set for Sunday 12/31

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