UCPYAA Committee Minutes 12/31/17

UCPYAA Committee Minutes 12/31/17

Events (September/Tom): V-day event planning, coordinate event so as not to overlap w/Candlelight. Meeting to plan V-day event set Sunday 1/7 at 1400. Further discussion on Talent Night Unity event, suggested donation and vigorous registration/pre-registration. No location/date for V-day event yet.

Programs (Kelby): “on time” for requested speaker tapes; to be ready by end of January, find V-day event speaker (1 hour, less the length of readings).

Facilities (Johnathon): “Dependent on events [when we host V-day Dance].” No electrical outlets at Jordan Pines campgrounds, a generator will be required.

Beverages (Spencer): Costco membership acquired, nothing otherwise to report; stocked on beverages from Halloween event.

Decorations (Pall): “confettie cannon;” “nothing new.”

Memorabilia (Grady): [not present]

Treasury (Forrest): Nothing new to report; roughly $1600 in treasury. Venmo/paypal account set up successfully.

Outreach (Jameson/Nico): [not present]

Bomb Squad (Christian): setup subcommittee for scheduling, to meet Saturday 1/6, 1100 location TBD.

Communications (Mark): Payment gateway is set up on website; 1 registration thus far.

Taylor (chair): “ought we to coordinate with other events/fellowships/central office/lifeline? Should we have a designated position for registration?”

Prices decided for registration/pre-reg: $25/35 respectively.

Prayer (Pat J): prayed successfully.

Unity (Piper): [Piper not present]. “Hot springs?”

Graphics (Gibson): Flyer made, prices added to flier, ready for distribution. Gibson also made a logo.

There was conversation about registering people w/out access to credit cards/bank accounts; committee members will take their cash and register them online.

Greetings (Johnny): [Johnny not present]

Tickets (Pat O, Anders): [Pat]: “nothing new to report.” [Anders not present].

H+I (Albie): [Albie not present].

Next meeting set for Sunday 1/14.

Tentative date of 1/19 for Unity event to Crystal hot springs.

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