UCPYAA Committee Minutes 1/14/18

UCPYAA Committee Minutes 1/14/18

New Person Introduction: Sabrina & Sia massive amounts of hellos and hi

Treasury Report (Forrest): Nothing new to report

Service (Brian): Actively working with coordinating. Sabrina stood for co-chair.

Memorabilia (Grady): [not present]

Outreach (Jameson/Nico): Nico contacting central offices in other districts

Taylor (chair): Spoke with CA delegate about announcing our events AFTER their meetings got the OK

Anders: Coordinating with bomb squad to arrange for a table at Dixiefest

Communications (Mark): Nothing new to report

Events (September/Tom): Events has set date for Heart of Darkness speaker game night for Saturday February 10th. Speaker at 7pm, games to follow.

Facilities (Johnathon): Heart of Darkness game night will be at St. James Episcopal church 7486 Union Park Avenue

Beverages (Spencer): STILL HAVE DRINKS!

Decorations (Pall): No report

Greeting (Johnny): “Doing great.”

H&I (Albie): No report, on vacation.

Unity (Piper): Tentative date of 1/19 for Unity event to Crystal hot springs.

Food (Brian): Priced meals out as of today at $6 for each registration

Prayer (Pat J): prayed successfully.

Next meeting set for Sunday 1/28

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