UCPYAA Committee Meeting 1/28/18

UCPYAA Committee Meeting 1/28/18

Pat J motion to start, opened with Buddhist prayer.

Taylor passed around a signup sheet for people to volunteer to pre-reg treatment centers.

Moab april 27-29; presented that we attend as a large group. 7 committee members volunteer for the trip.

Forrest: motion to reserve $500 in treasury; motion passed.

Third Legacy: split motion to have various members talk on.

Service Liaison (Brian): no reports to share

Outreach (Jameson): Nico and Jameson have out and are remaking contact with new meetings.

Taylor presents question of how we can get more pre-reg.

September presents that we go to more meetings out of our normal schedule.

Pre-reg for UCYPAA is now live.

Christina offered to make sign for pre-reg website.

Conversation on starting small with our home groups/FTR/BYP

Outreach/Bomb Squad (Christian): Dixie winterfest, 2/24.

Communications (Mark/Avery): Taylor: “we should bombard peoples’ facebooks and other YPAA groups for pre-reg; once a week announcement.” September volunteered to help.

Unity (Piper): Piper resigned.

Events (September): Spring Fling (Candlelight): Monday march 26(?) Contact: Sam: (801)-921-1701

Programs (Kelby): not present; do we have to help him pick a date/find speakers?

Facilities (Johnathon): nothing to report.

Merchandise (Grady): not present

Graphics (Gibson): Making pre-registration flyer and Facebook.

Tickets (Pat O, Anders): not present

H+I: Brian voted as new H+I chair

Next meeting: looking at meeting date/speakers

Motion to give bomb squad money for trip to St George; passes, allocated $99.99 [not $100]

Treasurer’s report:

Event revenue: including venom, poker, raffle, drinks, entrance: $300.50

-$100 rent paid

-$50 decorations paid

-$24.39 food expenses

= $126.11 total profit.

Current amount from UCYPAA pre-reg: $125

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