UCPYAA Committee Minutes 2/11/18

UCPYAA Committee Minutes 2/11/18

Prayer (Patrick 1): Motions to start meeting with buddhist prayer.

GROUP: om shanti shanti

Taylor:  Sign-up sheet for contacting treatment centers that we have an existing relationships with or are willing to cold call to notify them of pre-registration for UCYPAA. Asks that we consider registering and going to Moab event, April 27th-29th, as a group.


Treasury (Forrest): Made motion make reserve $500, Taylor 2nds, passed unanimously.

Taylor: Third Legacy, spread position among committee members so that we each share at meetings on 1 tradition and 1 concept.

Outreach (Jameson/Nico): Have reached out and remaking contacts of treatment centers.

Taylor: How do we increase our registration. September presented that we go to more meetings out of our comfort zone. Script to read: PRE-REG HAPPENING NOW! Christina offered to make sign for pre-registration events.

Bomb Squad (Christian): Bomb Squad hitting Dixiefest February 24th, has a crew rolling down to represent.

Taylor: Massive communication on Facebook with other YPAA groups for pre-registration and weekly posts needed. September offered to help relaying ypaa info to communications chair.

Communications (Mark/Avery): On it, see above.

Unity (Piper): Piper has resigned has started a meeting in centerville on Sundays.

Events (September): possibly co chair event SPRINGFLING event with Candlelight/Not candlelight meeting. confirming with Sam, her contact, this coming monday. Event would be March 24th.

Programs (Kelby): Not present. Taylor reaching out to Kelby for a listening party date

Facilities (Johnathon): Nothing to report

Beverages (Spencer): Nothing to report

Decorations (Pall): Nothing to report

Memorabilia (Grady): [not present]

Graphics (Gibson): Making pre-registration and Facebook compatible flyer

Next meeting set for Sunday 2/25

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