UCYPAA April 1 2018

UCYPAA Committee Meeting 4/1/18

In attendance: Taylor, Kelby, Christina, Ben, Avery, Dan, Tom, Christian, Nico, September, Mark, Jonathon, Spencer

Kelby: voluntarily steps down from Programs position. 

Discussion about programs subcommittee setting a schedule for the conference, ie what times various speakers/panels will convene, etc. September requests being informed of what time Kim is to speak Sunday AM so as to relay to Kim.

Conversation around Kim K. to be Sunday spiritual speaker. 

Vote called: unanimous.

Vote called on having Hayden Friday, Victoria Saturday night. Unanimous.

September suggests activities between today and the conference so as to reach out to the local AA community. She requests help in planning and getting the word out. 

Event planned for a UCYPAA hike on 4/15 (saturday) for outreach. Spencer, Ben, Mark, Christian, Avery, Nico, Dan, Tom volunteer to attend. 

Jonathon reminds the group of event the last Sunday of April 4/27-29; 4 corners pre-conference event that precludes a SALTYPAA event on same weekend; requests attendance of committee members. Avery, Spencer Christina, Taylor, Ben commit to attending. 

Conversation about outreach; committee members report doing well with attending the meetings to which they’ve committed and registering a handful of people. 

Taylor reminds committee members of script for UCYPAA announcement in the GroupMe.

Facebook outreach discussed, there is no featured image on the website. 

Mark, Avery, and Taylor commit to mass-posting to various Facebook AA groups about UCYPAA weekly, progressing to twice weekly when we get closer to the conference. 

Mark reports meeting with WACYPAA chair while in Boise  and exchanging conference information. 

September suggests we reach out to the Utah Valley YPAA community more actively, particularly the Palace; Ben volunteers to help. Anders’ contacts are also discussed. 

Taylor suggests group accountability for broader UT outreach, adding contacts for the state for us, Jonathon reminds the group the contact information can be passed via advisory committee to the next UCYPAA committee. 

Broadening digital outreach is discussed; YPAA subreddits and Facebook pages and NV, CO, AZ, and CA YPAA specifically.

Christina suggests creating new cards/fliers that no longer list pre-registration (to be distributed in May) that also include a brief list of activities. Financial report to be brought to the committee in two weeks.

Forrest requests budget info for speakers, food supplies for conference as well as receipts for Dixie Winterfest. 

Spencer volunteers to increase his participation in the food subcommittee, citing experience cooking for other large campouts. Brief discussion of fiduciary considerations. 

Spencer suggests speaking to food panty/ bakeries to get bread and sandwich fixins

7th tradition conflicts with pursuing donations from food pantry discussed; mandatory contribution for any received goods discussed.

Discussion of shopping list for facilities; extension cords, microphone/speakers, etc.

Spencer’s dad has the biggest generator (allegedly), though others have access to generators as well.

Next week UCYPAA committee meeting will convene at the mouth of Big Cottonwood 7200 S and Wasatch Dr to tour campsite and have committee meeting while checking out the site.

Bomb squad going to Ogden, Christian, Avery, Christina Mark, Tom on 4/7.

Motion to close (September) seconded (Christian). passed unanimously.

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