4/19/20 Minutes

Call to order

Last meeting was centered on unity

Right now it’s uncertain if UCYPAA is actually happening or is cancelled. Last word on the matter is that it was happening but it can’t be confirmed

What can we do right now to be of service to AA in quarantine?

Our options involve having movies or music/ house party style event based on Zoom. Essentially providing an event online.

Those who went and attended the WEBYPAA events- the drag show was entertaining, with queens dancing in their own apartments on camera. Also, there was a big book pub trivia quiz event which could be fun to recreate.

The group likes netflix, the game events, or a possible talent show through Zoom

We can make a regular Sunday Zoom time where we gather online and host different events

Go with the Central Office Zoom account at 6, announcing different events in advance.

For next Sunday we can do a Big Fat Quiz style event, getting on at 5:30 and preparing for the event.

Jonathan: Morally is it right with everything going on that we plan hikes

Alex: No, even last week with 8 for a non-Salty hike was too much

Jonathan: I’ve also thought about barbecues but even then social distancing is a challenge

Nikki: It seems best that we table this until things start to get rolling. Anything else?

Lisa: Yes, so our paypal still works, access to online banking. But I have no access to venmo. Myself and Forrest have gone back and forth with them but because no one remembers the original number with the venmo account we can’t reestablish access. Jonathan has mentioned the idea of going with a prepaid phone and putting minutes on it to tie with an account. Problems with that include keeping the number active depending on what plan you use. Or we just don’t use venmo. We can just use paypal or G-Pay. Thoughts or feedback?

Nikki: I would vote for paypal or google pay, what or others thinking?

Jake: Doesn’t matter to me

Lisa: Yeah we already have paypal. If we don’t close the account, jonathan or forrest are forever linked with the treasury position.

Nikki: What about google pay? I mean when was the last time we went and sold anything?

Lisa: Yeah a lot of people though use venmo for the suggested donation.

Forrest: Motion to use google pay and paypal and close the venmo account

Nikki: I second that

Motion passes

Anything else?

Jake: I think we need to lay a lot more infrastructure if we’re going to throw a trivia event

Nikki: Should we go with everyone bringing ten questions?

Forrest: What about categories?

Nikki: Jake can you do the big book trivia questions?

Jake: Sure

Nikki: Does anyone want trivia topics? Taylor, what topic do you want?

Taylor: Music, pop culture..

Forrest: Can I do current events/politics

Jake: Should we be doing a,b,c,d style questions?

Taylor: Should we be doing teams?

Jake: Teams made sense when there were 400 people

Nikki: Yeah but if there are 20 people then free for all would be fine

Jake: Should we just do lightning style?

Cassidy: Like family feud?

Nikki: I like that, what’s the group consensus

Jonathan: on the questions, will everyone send a barrage and I’ll filter them?

Nikki: OK, everyone is going to send Jonathan questions