11/7/2021 Meeting Minutes


Clara B- Secretary

Lisa C- Chair

Shelly M- Treasurer

Angela D- Programs

Aaron A- general member

Bradley H- general member

Jacob H- Events chair

James G- Webmaster/Graphics 

Kole C- 3rd legacy 

Shawn G- Facilities

Alisa T- new member

Trevin A- General Service Liaison 



  • Treatment meeting at La Europa Academy once a month. 
  • We are signed up to take AA speaker meeting into center w/ Q&A. Age 14-18. 
  • 2nd Tuesday of every month, 7pm-8pm
  • Male speakers invited, encouraged to bring a female alcoholic with. 

Hopefully planning events in the coming months. 


  • 1415.09 in checking, including $600 prudent
  • 112 petty cash
  • November rent paid
  • Shelly is now a signer on the bank account, Venmo TBD


Read last minutes.

Trevin motioned, Shelly seconds. Motion passed.


No report, intends to go to district meeting Nov 18th

3rd Legacy

1st Sunday we will meet at 11:30 for third legacy. 2nd Sunday we meet at 12pm


No report


  • Getting close to Thanksgiving, worried about time constraint.


  • Meeting minutes are posted online
  • Missing meeting minutes are because no meetings took place
  • Still working on broken links
  • Categorized and sorted website content


No report. 

Old Business-

Event centered around gratitude. 

  • Drum circle, connections exist with drum circle people 
  • In a park (Murray park allows fires), or in the desert
  • It is possible to plan event for early December, frame it as “gratitude continued” 
  • Gratitude doesn’t have to be a focus if we still want to do a drum circle
  • Include a speaker, food, ect. Location would be a big factor in this. 

Intention of events: carry the message of AA. 

Tentative time- 6pm? 

Next steps: Price for someone bringing drum circle, reach out to Whitney for details. Trevin and Shawn will reach out to fellowship hall to see if we could hold this event there. Events committee will meet next week to work more on this project. 

Side note:

This committee is meant to be fun and runs on teamwork. Lisa is happy to help anyone who needs support in SALTYPAA. 

New Business-

Future events: 

Christmas Carols in December?


New Unity Chair is needed.

“Unity events are the lube of this committee- Kole”

Aaron stands for unity chair. Aaron is elected. 

Motion to adjourn, motion passed.