2/20/2022 Meeting Minutes


Chair: La Europa went well. Going to try to bring some pamphlets next time. Next commitment is March 8.

Going to reach out to UCYPAA to see if we can get some statewide unity going.

SWACYPAA is interested in co-hosting an event. Asked if we would be interested in hosting a marathon meeting during the convention. 

(Area 69) District 10 is hosting the pre-conference event April 1-3. Asked if we would be interested in volunteering some service. Located at the Sons of Utah Pioneers building.

Treasury: No Changes.

Outreach: People have signed up for talent show. Continue to outreach events.

Unity: Hike on Sunday February 27.

Events: Info on next Event. SALTYPAAs Got Talent.

New Business:


March 18th @ 7pm  at Fellowship Hall

7-7:30 Chili, 7:30-8 Speaker, 8-10 Talent Show

$5 suggested donation

trophy’s for winners

things we need to do: show up 6:30 for set up. Bring power strips. Winner trophy’s, chili trophy. Prizes for talent winner?. Have Jim or Josh for Audio equipment. Find talent for talent show. Grant’s finding a speaker(preferably female). Outreach. Have shared google sheet for talent sign up.