4/24/2022 Meeting Minutes


Shelly- Treasurer

Clara- Secretary

Grant- Events

Kole- 3rd Legacy

Lisa- Chair

James- Webmaster


Secretary: Clara read minutes, minutes passed.


Brighton recovery has not yet been contacted. On Tuesday, Lisa is going to check on a venue for our panel meetings in Manga. 

UCYPAA has not connected yet, some people from Southern Utah may help us connect. 

There is a YPAA forming in northern Utah. 

Ariea is going to next Tuesday’s La Europa Meeting, next month’s is still up for grabs. 

SWACYPAA is holding a mid-year event, Lisa is down to carpool. Clara is taking a car up to WACYPAA. 


April and May’s rent is paid. $1073.84 in checking, $160 in cash (going to deposit). 


Minutes are up to date. 


New business. 

Central Office:

Shelly went to District 10’s meeting, rent has raised for CO so they are asking for additional send offs to CO from home groups. 

3rd legacy: 

We will hold traditions meeting on May 1st at 11:30. 


Been announcing elections event. Committee can help reach out to groups about our events. 

Old Business:

Meet at card room at 11:30, business meeting, then after we are doing kickball event at Murray park at 1:30. Potluck style. 

Group will bring drinks to sell, Lisa will bring buns, hot dogs, and condiments.

New business:

Shelly- The Alano club is also struggling financially, they have asked for members to eat at their kitchen to help support the club. 

Clara- Clara’s homegroup would be interested in contributing to SALTYPAA if interested. The group does not feel this is a conflict. Clara will bring this back to the AA group and report back. 

New events-

Pancake event:

Magna venue lisa is checking out may be a good fit for this event. 

The group has decided to postpone this event and focus on dodgeball event.

Dodgeball event:

Should this be a free event? The group feels that we should at least do suggested donation. How can we get creative with making money? 

June 4th is ideal date. 2hrs rental time is enough, possibility of tailgating in the parking lot.

Grant and Clara will find a rec center that’s best and report back to the group. 

Group should research and think of creative ideas to make money at this event. 

Motion to Adjourn, meeting adjourned at 4/24/22.