5/1/2022 Meeting Minutes

SALTYPAA Meeting Minutes 5/1/22


Clara- Secretary

Lisa- Chair

Kole- 3rd Legacy

Mike- Member

Grant- Events

Shelly- Treasurer

Ariea- Prayer

Matt- Outreach

Mitch- Member


Secretary: read last meeting minutes, minutes approved as amended.

Chair: Lisa visited Magna space, less than 20 minutes away. Basement of a building with appropriate space for future events. 

May 14th is SWACYPAA BBQ, Lisa will take anyone interested in going. 

Treasurer: Finances are exactly the same as last week. You can contribute to SALTYPAA through Shelly using cash or venmo. @Shelly-Merry

Central Office: No report.

3rd Legacy: Holding traditions meetings first Sunday of the month at 11:30. Keep it between the lines- or else. 

Events: New Business

Webmaster: Minutes are up to date. 

Unity: No report. 

Outreach: Announcing events coming up. Began shirt design. 

Old Business- 

Dodgeball event-

Redwood Recreation Center is our event venue, Clara submitted rental form. 

Suggested donation of $5

Tailgate at nearby park or parking lot of event. 

Dodgeball from 12pm-2pm

Grant made a motion to accept all of the above information. Shelly seconded.

Motion passes. 

Dodgeballs are a personal donation to SALTYPAA from Lisa. 

Food budget: $150 for drinks, grill stuff, 

Motion made to create $150 food budget for this event. 

Motion passes. 


Open positions:



General Service Liaison




Ariea will stick with Unity and Prayer Chair. 

New Business:


This would require a lot of planning, but the group should start looking into this. 


  • Speakers
  • Food
  • Campground
  • Scheduling events
  • Pre-Reg

First step is finding a location.

Christmas Meadows- 11 single sites

Gros Ventres in WY. 

September is best time to plan this. 

Group can all research campsites on their own and report back. 

Motion to close, meeting closed at 12:55.