5/15/2022 Meeting Minutes

SALTYPAA Meeting Minutes 5/15/22



Shelly- Treasurer

Grant- Events

James- Webmaster

Mitch- Member

Tom- Member 

Lisa- Chair



Read last meeting minutes, minutes approved


Received a check from Salt Lake Young People, will cash it. Will pay rent in June. 


UCYPAA is giving up the bid for this year. It’s not a good idea for SALTYPAA to take this on this year, but we can take the bid next year. SWACYPAA is still happening. We can talk to CACHEYPAA to find who is interested in taking the bid for 2023.

Central Office-

No report. 

3rd legacy-

Traditions meetings take place first Sunday of the month at 11:30. 


Announcing dodgeball, willing to pass up shirt design. La Europa may need to be discontinued, the facility doesn’t seem interested. 


Meeting minutes are not up to date at this time, but James is going to work on this and the flyer today. 


Going to plan something for the group to do, will report back. 

Old Business:

Dodgeball event:

Need to find a better rec center, central city is going to be very busy with pride happening. Redwood has not responded. Lisa will buy two sets of balls. 

Teams of 6. 

Grant made a motion to book Holladay rec center, shelly seconds. Motion passes. 

Grant will book Holladay rec center.

$150 food budget, need to find a grill- Lisa can bring a grill if someone can transport with a truck. $5 suggested donation, food is free. 

Planning on 9-10 teams. 

Tom is outreaching to FTR to get them participated. 

Lisa will work on a prize, shelly will bring posterboard. Matt and Ariea will referee if need be. 

Group will show up at 11:30 to set everything up. 

New Business:


Should we look around for an advisory committee in preparation for the 2023 UCYPAA bid? Looking around for statewide participation for this advisory committee. Group discussed how to get a bid, what an advisory board does, and other related topics. 

Upcoming meetings:

Change June 5th to the 26th

Unity/business meeting on June 9th at 6pm at Lisa’s. 

July 10th will be next meeting. 

Keep campout on agenda for next meeting. 

Motion to adjourn, motion passes.