Absent: Joe, Jack , Ian (communicated),rich 22 attended

1)Serenity prayer JOE/SHANE
2)Wacypaa facts aims and purposes
4)Read minutes from last meeting
5)roll call Vote to accept minutes

6)Chair reports

ChaiR WADE: role call that’s

Co-chair RICH: not

Secretary MAGGIE: none

Treasure DAVE: we have $69, paid red eye. 8 dollars seven to re

Facilities and hotels CHRIS/JACK: we had the list on fb, who honestly looked at it? 4 people. Nice. We are voting on our location. I asked mark to get info on two alternate locations
Mark: Moab, ampetheater everything but showers. 52 campoits, free to book, sand hollow doesn’t have an ampetheater its outside of st George, uva is a lot like sand hollow you have to bring stuff for speakers.
As far as up both smith and morehouse, not st George. Might have burned down. It’s the last one on the lose. 34 campsites. Most the time they don’t get reservations. If they reserve you don’t have to put anything down, but there are cancelations fees. Old and weird looking. We would have to bring speakers. Bear lake is also great and there are hotels within a half hour away. We could also do lake Powell, water. Those are the ones I like. I wouldn’t suggest mirror lake if we are thinking of 3-400.

Outreach SARAH: nothing to report

Inreach chair: mark I did talk to Ucypaa chair and they said we are more than welcome to come to mishaps house


Gsl JOHN L: I’m going to the central office meeting next week. I will present the need for letters of recommendation for ucy and wacy
Arts and graphics:

Programs chair CIERA/ASHLEY:nothing to report. Ashley: I have to step down I had a schedule change at work so I will be a member at large! And still help with programs.

Mark: if people are doing their job and are actually showing up I don’t see why it’s an issue.

Inreach chair MARK/JAKE: nothing to report

Lgbtq chair BRYCE:nothing to report

H&I CHLOE: nothing to report. I need that list

Unity IAN/ADAM: nothing to report

7)Old buisness
Wacypaa theme next week : more will be revealed

6 positions :outreach co, gsl co, a&g, a&g co, lgbtq co, hi co, events co chair

Devin: I would like to stand for h&i co chair. Sobriety date is July 28, 2016. I’m from Denver. I just moved here and went to wilderness. I decided to stay in salt lake. Favorite color is red. Animal would be an owl.
DEVIN IS H&I co chair.
All rehab centers will be listed by next week

ETHAN: I am from nc, my sorbet dat is July 11, came out for treatment and decided to stay out here. Favorite animal mountain goat. I’m good at social media, I am good at social media.

CHARLES: I have connections at wacypaa, I am involved in wacy events and have a lot of out of state position. Favorite color: darkness.

Kris: motion to have two co chairs for outreach.

Ian: unity event on Saturday the 18

Brennan: I want to be events chair. I have been sober since may 10 last year. I’m already on an events committee I have been on it for 6 months. We have done events. Favorite animal is a human, favorite color is burnt orange
Campsite locations
Chloe waiting for a list from sarah

8)New buisness
Maggie: print out facts aims and purposes and traditions
9)Seventh tradition: $15, 7 to red eye, 8 to group. $84

10)Announcements: none
11)Close with serenity prayer

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