4/24/17 wrapping up Ucypaa and getting ready for wacypaa packet


1)Serenity prayer
2)Roll call, who is absent:
4)Read minutes from last meeting (available on www.saltypaa.org)
5)Vote to accept minutes

6)Chair reports

ChaiR WADE: we need to figure out prices for our location. As far as speakers go I would love for our local person to be rob B. For Friday (ROB IS SPEAKER). We need to figure out how much it will be to fly out our speakers. Goal under $500.
Kelby: Phil, we could ask him. Everyone bring a speaker tape next week. If we could post it in our closed group, most of them should be on xa speakers. POST IT IN THE FB GROUP, EVERYONE LISTEN TO THEM. We need logo ideas for our theme. Ucypaa is pretty done we have to get out

We are voting next week in program, then we are going wacypaa. Wacypaa has been mostly on nye. Theme, more will be revealed. Think of how program will look for wacy. We need to pin point it to the dollar financially.

Think of our need statement, think of skit ideas

Co-chair RICH: 110.75

Secretary MAGGIE: none

Treasure RICK- 110.75

Facilities and hotels CHRIS/JACK: absent Brennan is going to sand hollow this weekend to check it out

Outreach SARAH/CHARLES/ETYAN: we are going to print fliers and put them everywhere. Fellowship, Alano, gsr, treatment centers, rehabs.

b: I’m going this weekend I’m going to see if I can get a discount and take pictures and check out locations.
Wade: someone ask Jordan L about wave runners
Mark: I’ll call him
Gsl JOHN L: sarah needs you to bring the flier to gsl meeting and send the flier to all of the gsls ASK THEM TO ANNOUNCE IT AT EVERY MEETING

Arts and graphics: kiana is talking to maggie after meeting

Programs chair CIERA/ASHLEY: maggie Brennan and Cierra are meeting on thursday to organize programs. IF YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF SHOW UP THIRSDAY, we are voting next week. And work on wacy. I would really like a panel for ca, ha, and cma so we can get them involved in the conference. Bringing in our sister fellowship will create unity and bring people in. 2 people on a panel

Inreach chair MARK/JAKE: brings fliers to ca events. Ucypaa is having a Monte Carlo night

Lgbtq chair BRYCE: none


Unity IAN/ADAM: unity event depends on weather

Taylor SALTYPAA CHAIR: st James episcopal church, we need donations and outreach. It is on May 27th, sarah is making more fliers. We have a speaker, Andrew R.

We have a dox list of all of the yp meetings. I’m sending emails to all of the things he treatment centers. The location is set. We have all of the supplies we need.

7)Old buisness: covered in reports

8)New buisness 3 minutes sad, 3 minutes need statement, 5 min finale, questions and answers. Bid skit is 20 minutes

Events homeboy is bringing sponsors speaker tape

Joe is new: member at large 3 months sober, favorite color is red, favorite animal is a dog

9)Seventh tradition

10)Announcements none

11)Close with prayer

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