Committee Meeting Minutes 9/16/18

Present: Brian C, Mark N, Lisa C, Tom G, Lisa B, Forrest P, James H

Meeting opens with a brief run-down of open service positions, explaining which are open and what their function is for new committee members.

Forrest stands for/qualifies for Treasurer, is confirmed unanimously.

Lisa B stands for/qualifies for Inreach, is confirmed unanimously.

James H stands for/qualifies for Greetings, is confirmed unanimously.

Conversation around the function of UCYPAA/distinction between UCYPAA and SALTYPAA.

Prolonged brainstorming about potential activities for a Halloween Event

Conversation coalesces around the idea of an indoor/outdoor event with various occult-themed “stations;” tarot, ouija, etc. 

The group decides that FTR (pending approval from Ian) will be the venue. There is further discussion about delegation of responsibilities for the event; Lisa B will do inreach throughout the valley, Brian C will secure the venue and do the music, Mark N will create a flyer, Forrest takes occult activity procurement.

Next committee meeting: 9/30/18

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