Young and Sober: Zac’s Story

This interview was done through messenger, and transcribed over to this format.

SALTYPAA: Why did you choose to get sober, initially?

Zac: My drinking had become so destructive and caused so much chaos in my life that the happiness it once brought me was no longer there.

SALTYPAA: What is your sobriety date? I know you have a couple, so you can tell me the first and the second. Also, why did you relapse?

Zac: March 26th, 2016/March 19th, 2019. I relapsed for many reasons. Long story short, I wasn’t practicing the principles taught to me by the 12 steps and failed to enlarge my spiritual lifestyle. I learned in AA that I have 2 solutions in life, a spiritual one and a chemical one. I chose the chemical one, forgetting that I am a true alcoholic and that it would come to bite me in the ass, like it always has.

SALTYPAA: What made you come back to the rooms?

Zac: I came back to the rooms because I tried every other thing in my power to stay sober. The only thing I found that worked was the 12 steps.. so when defeated by alcohol once again, I knew where I could find help.

SALTYPAA: My last question is, what would you tell the newcomer or someone who is struggling? Particularly someone who feels they are too young to get sober?

Zac: What keeps me in Alcoholics Anonymous is the tremendous life I get to live as a result of what it offers. Not only do I get to live happily and have a beautiful life full of love and prosperity… but I don’t have to drink even when times are hard. 

The 12 steps had the greatest impact on my sobriety. I would not have God nor sobriety if it wasn’t for them. I’m a real alcoholic. It’s my only choice.

I would tell them my experience. I was first introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous at the age of 19 and got sober finally at the age of 20. I thought my life was over. How was I supposed to have fun at such a young age? How was I supposed to stay sober until my death which if I died at 80, would be 60 years of sobriety.

Take it one day at a time and find a fellowship. We’re fun people who are constantly throwing parties and getting cracked out on energy drinks. I don’t regret getting sober young. Though I thought my life was over, it was only just beginning. Alcoholics Anonymous provided me with that. To the newcomer I would suggest getting a big book and a sponsor to take you through it. Do this shit like your life depends on it because If you’re a real alcoholic like me… it does depend on it.