In May of 2023, the Utah Conference of Young People in AA (UCYPAA) had it’s campout in Starvation State Park where multiple YPAA committees and friends from across the state came together to celebrate recovery from alcoholism. At this campout, two committees (MSUMYPAA and SALTYPAA) put together bids to become the next host of the annual state conference.

SALTYPAA was awarded the privilege of hosting next year’s conference! We’re still hosting awesome events regularly to create fun clean & sober spaces- these events also help us raise money for UCYPAA II. Make sure you’re following @UCYPAA on socials for regular updates on our events!

The campout will be held on Memorial Day Weekend May 24th-26th, 2024 at Camp Kiesel in Huntsville, UT. We are so excited to invite all Utah AA’s to our campout! Young People’s AA is open to anyone young at heart with room to grow.

For more information on our event, check out UCYPAA’s website here to pre-register and stay up to date.

Interested in being of service? Are you another YPAA interested in co-hosting or connecting? Text or call our chair Katie at 801-707-5270.