November 2015 Minutes

Meeting opens at 6:13 PM

Attendance: Forrest, Gibson, Jonathan, Maggie, Janae

October Minutes Approved


Forrest: I have an estimated 661.94 brought in from party. $49 held for future events. $612 in bank, $97.24 from  Square

Forrest: The event happened

Gibson: Sarah wont be here, we need to vote on how much to give to FTR for letting us host the event

we were thinking $65, lets vote.

Forrest: We haven’t gotten any receipts from Lynsee so we cant do that yet.

Gibson: Forrest you being the treasure you should be able to make the executive decision for how much we pay ftr

Jonathan: We paid $100 for the valentines event

Gibson: We should ask Ian, text Sarah and ask

Jonathan: Text her

Forrest: Jonathan you are using the executive we, thank you. If Ian indicated $75 I will pay that. There should be a good amount of money back

Jonathan 288.62 and Lynsee has more part of that was the decorations. The amount Lynsee spent will not be the amount she gets back for her amends because her saltypaa checks bounced


Old Business: None


New Business:

Gibson: Any more new business?

Jonathan: We wont be having any Christmas New years events.

Jonathan: OUTREACH FOR WACYPAA. We technically have a date for Swacypaa but I don’t have the date, we have the contract signed, gibson start helping them with getting the website set up.

Gibson: I will contact Shawn Agrabagdlavaleeta

Jonathan: There are no star wars tickets, I paid for Gibson’s. Next event will probably be in January, I don’t know what that will be yet, but we should do something like ice skating.

Forrest: Are we going to have another valentines auction?

Jonathan: Yes

Jenae: What is that

Jonathan: People sign up to be dates and then get auctioned off and then the group does a group date.

Jonathan: I want to do a better valentines thing, its a meeting and auction

Forrest: Cards against humanity, candy, dance

Jonathan: We have to keep our eyes out for chairs, we always run out of chairs

Forrest: DI ect. Gibson you live at the di

Gibson: No Owen does.

Jonatham: Are there any more suggestions, we could do a whoopie party, origonl, auction basket with lunch in it and the date.

Forrest: Ramble ramble ramble gibsons sister

Gibson: Motion to close

Jonathan: you cant do that

Forrest: Motion to close

FundarShit: $0.00




Meeting closes at 6:35pm

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