December 2015 Minutes

Meeting Starts: 6:16 pm

Old Business: None

New Business:

Gibson. Fundarshit to forrest

Jonathan: Swacypaa is June 2-5th

Forrest: final sum for FTR, I am in favor for the affirmation total of 65, unless discussed otherwise. Currently we have (checks that i ordered factored in) 396.98 in bank. already to sarah 46.85.

Jonathan: debit car instrad of a debit card?

Forrest: No debit card

Jonathan: no one is approved to spend on their own, take money out or paypal

Forrest: we could pay the 75 as discussed with sarah we would end up with 398.20, comfortable for future events. In bank 450, 500 including petty cash. Total revenue – expenses

Johnathan: Leaves us qith 411.73. 17 dollars would be 18%

Forrest: Motion for how much we should give Ian and ftr gym 75.00.

Gibson: motion passes

Jonathan: Is the mailbox renewed or checked, do you have a key?

Gibson: I don’t have a key,  I can get another key

Johnathan: I can get a new one

Gibson: Do we want to renew out mailbox?

Johnathan: We have to, swacypaa will reimburse us

Gibsom: Ok, any more new buisness

Johnathan: Next big thing is valentiens day, we need date activity ideas and need to ask people if they would be interested in being dates for the activity. January event, tubing or iceskating

Gibson: Cottonwood heights ice skating

Johnathan: Public iceskating is 5.50 each, not bad, We need to sell the merch. They can make a space at any event we do to sell leftover merch. Not an insignifigant potential revenue, but we need to sell the stuff and sell it.

Forrest: We need to get someone to volunteer at each thing

Johnathan: Kelby and Ben seemed super into we need to get them to our meeting. VERY IMPORTANT TO GET THAT MAIL BOX. get money from forret its like 75-95

Forrest: I don’t have that cash right now, but we can do that later.

Gibson: Ok. Ok. Ok.

Johnathan: Get Kebly and Ben here on the 3rd.

Forrest: Motion to close


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