Committee Meeting Minutes 9/30/18

UCYPAA Committee Meeting

Present: Mark N, James H, William M, Josh M, M, Brian B, Brian C, Taylor H, Jonathan H, Lisa C, Forrest P, Lily , Brian S, Summer, Nicole, Stefanie

Meeting opens with introductions of new members (Josh and Brian B).

Mark discusses the co-sponsoring of the Halloween Event by Candlelight, and SALTYPAA helping co-sponsor their Christmas event; this to be followed by cohosting an event together in the spring. There is discussion about the potential fellowship opportunities afforded by cooperating with Candlelight in the future.

There is conversation about the distinction between and function of SALTYPAA and Candlelight for those unfamiliar with them/new to the area.

Brian B elaborates on the potential increase in efficacy and outreach of Candlelight and SALTYPAA cooperating more actively.

Treasurer’s Report: 

$2946 in business checking, $500 in reserve

registration and scholarships: $100.

There is a $250 charge to rent Fit to Recover for 10/26/18. 

Conversation surrounds whether/how to invite food trucks to the event. 

Forrest suggests a budget of $600.

There is conversation surrounding possible traditions conflicts with reimbursing members of the fellowship for providing occult services (tarot etc). There is disagreement surrounding whether or not to pay members of the fellowship that would provide services. The conscience of the group is that we offer compensation to the people providing services, that they are free to decline.

There is a protracted conversation about the budget of the event. 


Facility: $250

Food: [food truck?]

Decorations: $100


-tarot/fortune telling: $100 +tip jar.

-fear factor: $25

-pumpkins $100

Flyer: $10

Jonathan suggests figuring out organizational details of the event physically; making a “flow” or “mingling activity” as there won’t be a dance to hold peoples’ attention.

Josh offers the use of Candlelight’s PA system for the event; there is discussion about using the area outside in addition to the sound system inside the gym. 

The group conscience decides that having a small area of the gym set aside for people to dance, but not making it the focal point of the event is a good idea. 

motion to set aside a small portion of the event space for dancing [mark], seconded [brian c]; motion passes unanimously.

There is a protracted conversation surrounding the most practical and cost-effective ways to execute the pumpkin-carving contest. Suggested ideas are: smaller gourds, sharpie markers, puncture tools rather than knives

Jonathan H volunteers for Pumpkin(g).

motion to approve John Y for speaker [mark] seconded [brian C]; motion passes unanimously

Conversation around outreach to treatment centers and meeting outreach. Mark cracks the whip on committee members to go on the google drive that has a list of meetings in the valley for us to promote the event and attend those meetings/announce the event.

Mark suggests making a Bomb Squad trip to Provo/Orem/etc. to promote the event. 

Stefanie volunteers to make the flyer and is elected to Graphics/Fliers Chair.

Summer volunteers to decorate the event and is elected to Decorations Chair.

Taylor volunteers to reach out to a taco cart/food truck.

Lily volunteers to handle raffles/prizes for the event and is elected to Raffles/Prizes Chair

Nicole volunteers to handle refreshments for the event and is elected for Refreshments Chair

The committee is reminded that outreach, raffle prizes, and fog machines/etc are the responsibility of the whole group.


Current Service Positions:


Chair: Mark N.

Treasurer: Forrest P.

Secretary: Brian C.

Third Legacy: 

Service Liaison: Tom G.


Inreach: Lisa B.

Bombsquad: Jonathan H.

Communications: Taylor H.

Prayer: Brian S.

Unity: Maxwell L.


Programs: Eric




Website/Facebook/Communications: Taylor H.



Decorations: Summer

Graphics/fliers: Stefanie

Greetings: James H.

Cleanup: Josh M.

Tickets/raffles: Lily


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