Committee Meeting Minutes 10/14/18

Present: Mark N, Brian C, James H, Josh, Lisa B, Lisa, Jonathan H, Forrest P, William M, Maxwell, Tom G, Summer, Stefanie

Meeting opens with a report from Lisa B on outreach; Maxwell reports on various treatment center outreach that he’s been doing/will do. 

Mark reports that the conversation about hiring a food truck was prohibitively expensive; we have decided to prepare food ourselves. Erik has prepared a preliminary budget:

via Costco:

$33 for 45 wraps

$6 a bag for chips feeds 45 people

Charging $2 a plate would be a 100% profit.

Lisa suggests making a casserole (baked ziti, for example) for the event. 

Mark, Maxwell, Forrest, and Erik form an ad-hoc Food Subcommittee.  Lisa B volunteers to help cook on the day of the event as well.

The group decides to raise the budget of the food committee to $150.


Summer (decorations): reports she’s been waiting on procurement until the group figures out whether or not we have smoke machines, black lights, etc. Josh volunteers the use of both for the event, via Candlelight. Mark suggests keeping an eye towards purchasing decorations that can be reused for other events (like changeable lights). Summer says she’s planning on using the dollar store primarily for sourcing. 

Forrest (reporting for Lily, raffles): Lily went around town asking for donations for the event. There has been consistent confusion about what the 7th tradition stipulation of self-support means for finding donations. The committee clarifies that we cannot solicit donations from non-AA members. There is protracted conversation about the specifics of “spiritual laundering” of raffle prizes.

James (greetings): James asks what supplies are needed for his position. Forrest shares his experience with other AA events. Basically: Square reader, cash box, a couple sharpies; more crowd-management than anything. Protracted conversation about logistics of the greetings station and what scholarshipped attendance entails.

Josh (music): Josh reports that he’s prepared for music (A/V, playlist, etc). 

Jonathan (pumpking): Jonathan will buy the pumpkins when we get closer to the event date. He will buy 3 different size pumpkins and prepare example jack-o-lanterns to draw people in. Larger pumpkins will cost an additional few dollars on top of the entrance fee. 

Lisa (mystery box): working on ideas for gross things for people to touch, solicits input from the committee. Lisa sounds disappointed not to be able to use dead animals or entrails because of health concerns.

The meeting concludes with discussion of the upcoming unity event with Candlelight. Prospective dates for the event are Nov 2/3 (Friday/Saturday). Mark will talk to the Candlelight Committee Chair about which date works better for them. 

Jonathan reminds the group that we need a hotel contract to put in the WACYPAA bid. Upon further discussion, the group suggests pursuing the WAC bid independently of the UCYPAA meetings. James asks for details about WACYPAA, being unfamiliar with the bid process; Jonathan obliges.  We decide to have the WACYPAA bid committee meet immediately following the UCYPAA committee, at Central Office.

Jonathan suggests Bryce Canyon as a location for UCYPAA this year. 

Current Service Positions:

Chair: Mark N.

Treasurer: Forrest P.

Secretary: Brian C.

Third Legacy: 

Service Liaison: Tom G.


Inreach: Lisa B.

Bombsquad: Jonathan H.

Communications: Taylor H.

Prayer: Brian S.

Unity: Maxwell L.


Programs: Eric




Website/Facebook/Communications: Taylor H.



Decorations: Summer

Graphics/fliers: Stefanie

Greetings: James H.

Cleanup: Josh M.

Tickets/raffles: Lily


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