Committee Meeting Notes 10/21/18 (pre-Halloween Event)

Present: Mark N, Brian C, Ben W, James H, Josh M, Maxwell, Stefanie, Brian S, Jonathan H

The meeting opens with a conversation about where to locate the various activities for event in the gym. There is conversation about the logistics of setup; FTR will be having a class until 7PM, so the earliest the committee members can arrive to begin setup is 7. The speaker meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:30.

The committee discusses the logistics of Dr. Bobbing for apples (where will the water container come from?). Also discussed is the procurement of towels for after people have Dr. Bobbed. 

The committee sets a preliminary budget of $65 for candy for the event. Mark and Stefanie will go to Winco to get it in bulk. 

The raffle, costume/pumpkin contest will happen at 11PM. 

Judges for costume contest and pumpkins: Jonathan, Nicole, Sammy (candlelight via Josh)

There is protracted conversation about the staffing of the various event booths; various committee members sign up to work shifts at the event. Mark has the assignments, if you want to be reminded of what you volunteered for. 

Mark asks committee members to support him in making a Bomb Squad trip to a YPAA meeting Monday night at 8PM in Orem (Young People in AA). James and Stefanie volunteer to accompany him.

Mark asks for a volunteer from the committee to take the Facilities position. The committee discussed Tom G as being a good fit for the job and will volun-tell him to do it.

Unity event scheduled for Nov 2nd/3rd (Friday/Saturday, pending approval from Candlelight), next committee meeting scheduled for Nov 4th (Suday).


Food (Mark/Maxwell): We will be serving “pizza tacos;” there will be two savory and one sweet taco options. The price is $1/taco. There are questions regarding how the food will be heated on-site; Ben offers the use of a camping griddle, the committee discusses ways to procure a heat source. 

Chair: Mark N.

Treasurer: Forrest P.

Secretary: Brian C.

Third Legacy: 

Service Liaison: Tom G.


Inreach: Lisa B.

Bombsquad: Jonathan H.

Communications: Taylor H.

Prayer: Brian S.

Unity: Maxwell L.


Programs: Eric




Website/Facebook/Communications: Taylor H.



Decorations: Stefanie

Graphics/fliers: Summer

Greetings: James H.

Cleanup: Josh M.

Tickets/raffles: Lily

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