UCYPAA Committee Meeting 11/18/18

Present: Mark N, Josh M, Brian S, Brian C, Jeff C, Taylor H, Lisa C, Forrest P, Jake S, Tom G, Tom R

Josh asks for volunteers from UCYPAA to help the Candlelight committee with setup for the Alice in Soberland event on December 8th (Saturday) at 8PM at the Alano Club.

Josh gives a report on the items Candlelight has procured for the raffle (tattoos, Fat Cats gift cards, a 6-month FTR membership). 

There will be a spades and billiards tournament. 


Mark reports that the committee is still working on finding a location for the conference as well as for the Valentine’s day event. 

The committee discusses other possible locations for the Valentine’s event than FTR. 

The committee decides to host the Valentine’s Day event the weekend following Valentine’s Day (either Saturday of Sunday).

Lisa voices concerns over the amount of money that was spent on the location for the Halloween event. 

The conscience of the group coalesces around having the event at a cheaper location than FTR for the Valentine’s event. 

Mark suggests hosting 3 events before the event: Valentine’s Day, some kind of cook-off (mac n cheese, pie, chili)

The committee discusses concerns about the success of a Valentine’s Day event (last year was fairly middling).

The group decides that the Valentine’s Day event will be called something like “Eat Your Heart Out,” a potluck-cooking competition anti-valentine’s day event. 

Mark says that he’ll reach out to Stefanie about getting a flier made for the Valentine’s Day event prior to the December event, so we can promo the V-day event at the Xmas one. 


Tom confirms his commitment to the Facilities position for UCYPAA.


Lisa C suggests having a brief learning segment before the committee meetings to study either a Tradition or Concept every week prior to the UCYPAA committee. The study will be 30 minutes prior to the UCYPAA committee meeting. A sign-up sheet will be passed around at the committee meeting to list the attendees for the following week’s study group.

Lisa C will facilitate, attended by Brian C, Taylor H, Mark N, William M, Tom G.

Chair: Mark N.

Treasurer: Forrest P.

Secretary: Brian C.

Third Legacy: Lisa C.

Service Liaison: Tom G.


Inreach: Lisa B.

Bombsquad: Jonathan H.

Communications: Taylor H.

Prayer: Brian S.

Unity: Maxwell L.


Programs: Eric

Facilities: Tom G.



Website/Facebook/Communications: Taylor H.



Decorations: Stefanie

Graphics/fliers: Summer

Greetings: James H.

Cleanup: Josh M.

Tickets/raffles: Lily

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