Committee Meeting Minutes 12/16/18

Present: Mark N, Brian C, Josh M, William M, Jake S, James H, Stefanie, Summer, Taylor H, Tom G, Forrest P, Maxwell

The meeting opens with a presentation on Tradition 2, followed by conversation about that and the preceding Tradition.

Mark asks the group what ideas we have for the theme of the conference. 

Jonathan suggests “we will not regret the past.”

Taylor reminds the group of the importance of branding/merch in them selection.

Mark suggests “the hole in the donut.”

James suggests something about the intersectionality of science and spirituality.

Summer suggests something addressing the difficulty newcomers and young people have identifying when they get to AA.

The conversation coalesces around the “we will not regret the past” idea, the group thinking that most (if not all) of the ideas discussed will fit under that umbrella one way or another.

Unity event next Sunday: 12/23: Mark N, Maxwell, Taylor, Forrest, Jake, Bryce. William, Josh, Summer, Stefanie, Jonathan

The committee discusses scheduling the conference to coincide with an astronomy festival that will be happening at Bryce in the end of May. Tom G(events) to look into booking those days, or if those days are unavailable to look for Memorial Day weekend so as to give conference attendees an extra day of travel.

Chair: Mark N.

Treasurer: Forrest P.

Secretary: Brian C.

Third Legacy: Lisa C.

Service Liaison: Tom G.


Inreach: Lisa B.

Bombsquad: Jonathan H.

Communications: Taylor H.

Prayer: Brian S.

Unity: Maxwell L.


Programs: Eric

Facilities: Tom G.



Website/Facebook/Communications: Taylor H.



Decorations: Summer

Graphics/fliers: Stefanie

Greetings: James H.

Cleanup: Josh M.

Tickets/raffles: Lily

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