Committee Meeting Minutes 1/20/19

Present: Mark N, Brian C, Taylor H, James H, William M, Jake S, Lisa C, Josh M, Maxwell, Jenessa F, Forrest P, Stefanie, Bryce, Brian S,

Events committee report: 

Events subcommittee met Wednesday 1/16, made a rough outline of the event schedule and a preliminary budget. The subcommittee expects 50-60 people at the event [“based on nothing” -Mark]. The subcommittee expects 40 paying attendees ($200 in admissions fees). Mark met with the events coordinator at the First Baptist church; he was generous with us about fees, saying the cost for the space is $240, but that they’ll “take what we give them.”  The committee has budgeted:

$100 for the venue

$100 for decorations

$40 for candy

$60 for the Love Tester

[love tester was determined by group conscience to be an extraneous expense and removed from the budget]

$50 for miscellaneous expenses


$290 total budget for the event

There is conversation surrounding the wisdom/desire for a tarot reader at the event; there are concerns over expense and necessity. There is conversation surrounding other potential (inexpensive) group activities: Super Smash Brothers, “Suck and Blow,” speed fellowship, etc. 

There is protracted conversation surrounding the stock and revenue generated by the beverage sales for the last event; we are discussing whether/what to restock, what quantities, etc. Forrest offers budget specifics from previous events for guiding judgement going forward.

Mark mentions that our raffles have operated at a loss in the past and puts the question to the committee of whether or not to continue the event. 

Taylor suggests that the committee is more scrupulous in budget approval for this event; historically this event has been less well-attended in the past and Taylor suggests that we minimize costs in anticipation thereof. 

Motion to approve the budget for the event proposed by the subcommittee [Mark], seconded [Taylor]; approved unanimously.

Mark presents an outline of the activities for the event. We need 6  [3 panelists] speakers and will be reaching out to Candlelight, HVYPAA for support in the hopes of bringing them into our YPAA network both for UCYPAA and for WACYPAA bid.

Speaker panel begins at 7:00PM, the first meeting will begin at 8:15, and on the hour following through the end of the event. Speed Fellowship with begin at 8:30 PM. 

Prospective topics for the hourly meetings include (but are not limited to): 

-Book of More Men

-Significant others relapsing

-Sober, Single, and Ready to Mingle?

-Control Freaks Anonymous 

Mark, James, and Lisa suggest the importance of focusing on the event being a potluck. Lisa shares experience of mentioning the event in a “lovingly competitive” way to other members and long-timers: “I’ll be bringing the best potluck entry, but you’re welcome to bring the best slow-cooker entry…” 

There is conversation surrounding the need for various types of out/inreach and how best to do so effectively. 

There is conversation about reaching out to Utah County, particularly the Palace and HVYPAA peeps. 

There is conversation surrounding the necessity of UCYPAA committee members attending the Dixie Winterfest in St. George, both to build fellowship and to pitch the conference (which is in Bryce Canyon; closer to St. George). Taylor suggests in doing Outreach and Bomb Squad we get solid contact information from people that is compiled for us as a committee (rather than just for the Outreach Committee chair, as has been the case since his election), to streamline and make more efficient the communication process between UCYPAA and other parts of Utah’s YPAA both for our committee and for future Committee chairs to be able to effect communication efficiently.

Taylor suggests organizing the Outreach efforts more efficiently/virtually, so as to make more efficient use of the time that the UCYPAA Committee has. He notes that we spend roughly 20 minutes (1/3 of the committee’s time) on Outreach alone, consistently, every week.

Brian nominates Taylor H for Co-Chair, seconded [Jonathan]; motion passes unanimously.

The committee discusses appropriate pricing for pre-registration for the conference in June; the committee discusses $20-25 and decides on $20.

Mark mentions getting Merch [Owen G] ordered so that we can sell it at the February event.

William asks questions regarding budget/7th tradition issues with a Unity event and gets some feedback from other committee members.

Lisa mentions the Area 69 Assembly Feb 23rd, March 1-3rd is PRAASA in Irvine CA. The Pre-Conference Assembly is April 5-7 for consideration by committee members in planning of events going forward.

Chair: Mark N.

Co-Chair: Taylor H.

Treasurer: Forrest P.

Secretary: Brian C.

Third Legacy: Lisa C.

Service Liaison: Tom G.


Inreach: Maxwell

Bombsquad: Jonathan H.

Communications: Taylor H.

Prayer: Brian S.

Unity: William M.

Events: Stefanie


Facilities: Tom G.

A/V: Josh M.

Refreshments: Bryce

Website/Facebook/Communications: Taylor H.


Memorabilia: Owen G

Decorations: Janessa


Greetings: James H.

Cleanup: Josh M.

Tickets/raffles: Elizabeth

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