Committee Meeting Minutes

UCYPAA Committee Meeting Minutes

Present: Mark N, Brian C, Lee H, Lais M, William M, James H, Lisa C, Jake S, Jonathan H, Taylor H, Owen G, Alex F, Janessa F, Forrest P, Brian S, 

  • Lais (Disctict 12):

Grupo Serenidad, in Kearns. Lais asks for support from the UCYPAA committee, as they’re not having much turnout lately. She asks the committee for support at their YPAA meeting at 11:30; UCYPAA committee commits to attending on 4/28.


-shares experience with Bob D.’s speaking event at the U. There was no outreach done at the event. 

Outreach [Maxwell in absentia; Mark reports in his stead]:

-Mark sends around the registration sheet for announcing UCYPAA at meetings, suggesting that committee members cross their names off meetings that they haven’t been attending. Jonathan discusses the necessity of the announcers having a degree of enthusiasm; we can’t expect people hearing the announcement to be excited if we can’t muster excitement. 

Bomb squad [jonathan]:

-Haven’t picked any dates for Bomb Squad trips. wants to focus on Havasu in 2-3 weeks. Talk to Jonathan about transportation or attendance; carpool will be departing Friday AM, coming back Sunday PM. 

-People need to be going to UT county on a regular basis and announcing UCYPAA. T/W/TH/F all have YP groups that need coverage; Jonathan asks the group members to please consider going down and dropping off fliers. 

3rd Legacy Event:

-Mark reports having solicited volunteers for speakers at the Pre-Conference Assembly and having had 8 volunteers reaching out to him. He posits the idea of changing the format to potentially accommodate more speakers. Lisa suggests having a panel or workshop at the conference about the concepts. 

Janessa [events]:

-requests a review of the budget for the 3rd Legacy event, discusses forming an events subcommittee. She wants to address her budget, facilities, activities, A/V, [3-legged race, cornhole, slacklining, horseshoes, pie-eating contest], dizzy-bat, “tradition telephone.” Bryce is discussed as a potential grillmeister. Mark says that if committee members want to make potluck style side dishes, the committee will reimburse them for the cost of the ingredients. 

Events committee:

-meeting on 5/5/19 Sunday at 11:00AM. 

Unity Brunch at Mark’s house 4/21 at 11:00AM. 

-We will listen to speaker tapes and have some brunch, which William will prepare. Mark suggests we start pursuing outside speakers for the event. 

Alex F [facilities]:

-Alex has secured us conference space for fri (large space) and two small rooms on Sat/Sun. The large conference space will again be available on Saturday night. She reports frustration with procuring a room block for the event, having left a variety of emails and voicemails. 

Merch [owen]:

Sent a link to the GroupMe with prospective color designs. Asks for input from committee members. voting: Tan and green design wins.

Unity [William]:

Approved $40 budget for grilled cheese supplies. Please bring a potluck dish if you’re so inclined. Unity event will be next Sunday at 11am at Mark’s house: 2476 S 900 E, Apt. 7 (park on 900).


Jake solicits feedback on website and FB secret group invites, and instructs everyone to invite their friends to the ucypaa group

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