Committee Meeting Minutes 5/24/19

[notes this week are per Jake S.; thank you for filling in, Jake- Brian]

Present: Alex, Forrest, Owen, Taylor, Mark, William, Jake, Lisa, Crystal

“Third Legacy Field Day” Recap: Forrest suggests it could’ve better advertised, Taylor think presenters took conversations hostage and steamrolled.

Advertising Conference: Owen to present at Central Office meeting, Jake reports Lifeline will be including full page advertisement in June and had reached out to Central Office events / activities chairs. Forrest suggests asking people directly if they are going to UCYPAA. Forrest reports 29 registered thus far including the committee members who have signed up. All agree–Need to get this turnt up. 

Roller Skating event planned for June. Mark reports Maxwell says we should only focus on Conference, because it will take up time advertising conference. Owen suggests leaving flyers on chairs for Conference. 

Treatment Center report: Forrest and Stephanie went to First Step, Haven, and Turning Point but not Renaissance Ranch, lots of contact numbers to follow-up with. Forrest says Haven concerned (maybe First Step) too difficult to keep track of clients in open environment with limited staff. Alex suggests scholar shipping their staff. Mark and Forrest suggest charging smaller rates if they don’t spend the night.

Merchandise: Owen thinking of cutting bottles or T-Shirts. Ordered Mugs 72. Reminds us shirts are tan and green. Still trying to figure out tax stuff, getting refund on sales tax. 

Activities/Programming: Need topics for meetings and panels. Josh suggests showing a movie on a projector he could bring. Owen suggests never had a legal drink meeting. Taylor brings up topic of “We Do Not Regret the Past nor Wish to Shut the Door On it”. Alex brings up Outside Help topic. Lisa Guilt and Shame panel on 4thand 5thstep making you feel better about past. Taylor suggests Service 101. Mark Concepts Workshop. 

Alex says we can stay in conference room late-night as long as we are quiet. 

Alano club kicks us out for scheduling bullshit. Resume on patio.

Taylor: We need to come up with a schedule. Jake brings up we need to have Two Panels, One Concepts Workshop, Two Half Marathon Meetings, Stargazing, Hiking, Mafia and two other campfire games to comply with the flyer advertising.

Taylor suggests and Mark instructs us all to be ready by next meeting: Everyone come up with a topic they would want to chair. 

Regrets in sobriety as a panel topic. One panel on regrets before getting sober and one panel on release of regrets from steps. 

William suggests having a large campfire meeting prior to lights out.

Decided: Friday Campfire meeting, Saturday half marathon 8-6, nothing Sunday.

Forrest suggests hiking guides Grady and Hayden? Lisa has a park pass allowing her to get into national park. Mark has room for 8 in caravan. We should caravan. Next meeting in two weeks.

Taylor says should we have clipboard. Crystal suggests Hillcrest meeting on Tuesday nights. Taylor suggests getting emails from people. 

Owen and Jake debate the purpose and merits of the Outreach master list. Both are able to agree that all of us should be announcing at EVERY meeting we attend.

Alex suggests everyone add their sober friends to Facebook group. Jake suggests promoting the free Wi-Fi, hot tub and swimming pool, and hot showers and bathrooms as part of the $20 camping fee. 

Mark: Everyone is now officially on Outreach subcommittee. 

Mark says are we still doing roller skating as unity event. He will talk to Janessa. 

Alex brings up having one meal provided. 

Lisa talks about concepts signup. People start signing up. Mark reminds we don’t have meeting next week but then we have a meeting EVERY WEEK until campout. Lisa instructs those signed up to lead Concept discussion each week at 10:30 to read it from Service Manual in full prior, think about how it applies to UCYPAA, talk about it, lead discussion with questions. Lisa suggest calling your sponsor about thoughts on Concept prior to presenting. 

William wants to do a hiking unity event in July. 

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