Committee Meeting Minutes 6/2/19

Committee Meeting Minutes 6/2/19

Present: Mark N, Brian C, Jake S, Jonathan H, Gibson G, Josh M, William M, Forrest P, Crystal P, Maxwell, Brian S

Agenda Item: Unity event

Rollerskating at Classic Fun Center on Saturday, 6/8 at 7:30PM. Venue is located at 9151 S 255 W in Sandy . Attendees will be expected to pay for their own gear/admission, though scholarships are available for committee members who can’t afford it. Mark has outreached to Orem and a handful have committed to attend. Rollerskating and admission is ~$13.

William (Unity Chair)

Reports that he’s been looking into various places for the group to go on a Unity hike together. He has also looked into axe throwing as well, $15.99/person and no group discounts. William reports that he’s primarily looking at outdoor activities for future unity events. Antelope Island and Willow Creek are both discussed as prospective locations for an outdoor event, as is Big Cottonwood canyon and the Living Room. 

Agenda Item: H+I

Forrest/Stef [Stef not in attendace]:

Forrest reports that they’re struggling to make/follow up on contact made/needing to be made with the treatment programs currently on the SALTYPAA contact list. Forrest reports that once school concludes he’ll have more time to devote to the outreach efforts for the committee. Forrest reports that he’s going to take a more leadership-style role for the H+I work, prioritizing outreach to wilderness-style programs in southern UT. Balance House has committed to the purchase of ~25 tickets as well.

Agenda Item: Communication

Jake (reporting for Taylor):

Jake reminds the committee that we need to post an updated camping list on for this year’s conference. Mark asks if we can create a private facebook group for the conference. Jake says he will do it. 

Agenda Item: Bomb Squad


Mark reports that he’s going to Orem tomorrow evening for outreach and invites the other committee members to attend. Jonathan asks for support in going to Valley Camp this coming Friday 6/7, leaving around 6:45 to arrive by 8:00PM.

Agenda Item: Outreach

Maxwell (Outreach Chair):

Maxwell states that he is feeling frustrated and burnt out. The group discusses ways to ease the burden on Maxwell and help him to get the word out for UCYPAA. Maxwell petitions the group to send him their regular meetings so he can arrange outreach at other meetings. 

Taylor H passed around a sign-up sheet to register email addresses to be followed up on for registration reminders. 

Agenda Item: Programming (for UCYPAA)


Mark reports that he’s looked into how to shuttle people to/from activities; the fees are based on the number of vehicles rather than people. Mark and Lisa C have volunteered their cars (high capacity vehicles) to get people to the trailheads for the prospective hikes. Mark says that their will be an ~2hr lull in programming Saturday morning, during which Mark and Lisa will facilitate transport to/from the trailhead.

The committee discuses ways of minimizing the expense of the hiking activity, as well as whether or not to pay for the entrance fee for conference attendees. 

From 8AM-6PM there will be marathon meetings, Mark encourages the committee members to pick a time slot to chair a meeting.

Alex K has secured a catering contract with Ruby’s Inn for Saturday night for $5/head, included in the price of registration.

Mark reports that we need 6 panelists for 2 separate topics: “Regrets before sobriety,” and “Regrets after sobriety.” [those are not the panel names, just the topics]

Next committee meeting: 6/9 (Sunday) 11:00AM at the Alano Club.

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