12/1 Committee Minutes

12/1 Saltypaa Bid Committee meeting to order
Old Business
SALTYPAA Marathon Meeting
Meeting is selected for 7am on Friday
Hospitality Election
10 am to 12pm on Friday, specifically guilt anyone who doesn’t help with the marathon meeting

Status on Bid Packet
Nick needs assistance
Service Letter- Currently in the works but DCM is writing us a letter
Final date to submit bid packet is the 12th
Outreach- Still unsure about status
Facilities- Going steady with getting finalized contracts

Unity Event December 8th
A signup sheet will be created to help out

Service to help us better in any way
The area inventory is on the 7th, Jake will be going to represent us
The chair Nikki will go as well

A reminder of a big push for us to create fliers that will help us announce our purpose- these should be coming in the mail soon

A possible flash Christmas Lights event in Temple Square December 19th at 6:30, meet at spitz

Note on using Unity Event as a group inventory

Last thought on revamping website- without webservant we need to table this.

Jake- A consideration to bring back the 12 traditions/concepts meeting before the official meeting.
Agreement to table it until it can be discussed with Alano Club

Motion to close