2/9/20 Minutes

Jonathan:We will do ok for attendance with the event if we do a good job with one on one encouragement and enthusiasm
Forrest: We would do well if we went to different meetings than our normal ones and promote
Candlelight is hosting a valentines event on friday, we should go and promote our event as well as the thursday candlelight meeting.
Cassidy: The monday night candlelight is big, I can go and promote there
Can also promote at Stonewall on Friday night

New proposed budget
350 for a total budget
including 100 for rent
50 dollar budget for decorations going to somewhere like zurchers and getting ideas from pinterest
We can spend 100 on food for the possibility not enough people bring food for the event
Coffee will be donated.
and try to go under on drinks at 50 dollars

Event Logistics
Austin is the speaker, he will start at 7
The door opens at 6:30 for people to gather and get food
The raffle will work with first pick getting first choice of prizes and so on
Questions about how the movie would work if others would socialize
Movie should be at around 8:30 but it can be played at any time, best when the event is dying down
Audio concerns- gibson will go look on tuesday and figure out what set up they have and what we need

Agree to a motion for color flyers to distribute to the three districts.

Motion to close