Minutes 1/20/13


Meeting Opens
7th tradition to fundarshit
Kyler- Starter Prayer, moment of silence serenity prayer.
New Business
Wade- Motion to have last years treasurer as new co-treasurer to make banking easier. No second
Wade- Motion to merge website and newsletter positions. Passed
Wade- Motion to bid for SWACKYPAA. Passed
Wade- Motion to dissolve SaLTYPAA committee if we get the conference and become SWACKYPAA host committee. Charles Seconds.
SWACKYPAA has no bylaws yet so it is decided not fair to commit to that when we dint know their bylaws, but if we got the conference we would have to accept being the host committee.
Motion to table the previous motion, seconded. Not passed.
More discus ion on the issue.
Aaron- Motion to find out what SWACKYPAA bylaws are before we decide to bid or not.
Motion to not bid for SWACKYPAA, Kyler seconds. Passed
Aaron- Rule of Thumb- 2 minute time limit per discus ion per person. No repetition.
Funny Banter
Motion to close, seconded, passed.
Meeting Closes

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